Friday, December 26, 2008

Latest Blog Shirt Prints

Para sa mga maganda at feeling maganda, tulad ko.hahahahha!
I had this print on my red blouse shirt last night.

Mang-inis ka on chocolate brown shirt!

Mang - inis ka ulit on a black shirt

Now, who could be guilty with this print?

Who can't be a blogger in love?

A Proud Blogger print on a lady shirt
Last night, December 26, the Socksargen Bloggers Community painted the town red with our Video K and eating!

A back-to-back print for bloggaholics like me

We gave away shirts for indoor prizes but we had the chance to sell as well blog shirts with new design prints. Ayel, one of the bloggers in Alabel, purchased from us 4 shirts for himself and for his blogger-students.Yepey!!! Sir Avel and Cheng, got their own share of the blog shirts too. Ate Jinky had made her order to be picked up on Monday as she wanted a bigger size of My Blog Rocks' print.

If you too wish to have any of these personalized, exclusive and limited editions shirts, contact us. They can come in different colors or shirt styles and sizes, unique to your tastes. They only range between Php 180.00-230.00. All worth it for every proud, wacky, fun, romantic and wala-lang blogger. Freight is very minimal, so these shirt still come cheaper than purchased elsewhere. Give us a buzz!

See more styles and our clients' testimonies :

Cat Lover Blog Print
Blog Shirts Delivery to Manila, Philippines
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Our Happy Blog Shirt Clients
New Friend-Client through our Blog Shirt
Special Print Blog Shirt for a Special Friend
Client-Now-A-Partner in Blog Shirts

Monday, December 22, 2008

Our store has been pretty busy, catering to gift-givers and party-goers. We however, pretty love it though as it means, doing well for our store before this year ends. We indeed wish that we can do more this coming new year.

We are still working on the last printing job orders for our college reunion and other personalized-job-order shirts.

But, we shouldn't of course, forget why we celebrate Christmas. We should always be grateful that the family is healthy and doing well in spite of hard ups. Everyday then must be a Christmas day for everyone. A constant gift of life and blessings.

Merry Christmas my friends and readers!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ripple Effects of Online Advertising

Ages ago, businesses and other companies and individuals simply resorted to TV's, radios, and print advertising. We can fairly say, they were effective but these forms of media have reached limited scope and breadth. Not to mention, that they are temporary and expensive.

But with internet, advertising has evolved to a more sophisticated form, thereby getting more interests, responses, and of course, expected results. We know that it takes only 2 seconds to keep an online reader focused on a website but with proper and effective design and content, readers can be attached to a company website and really keep him glued to company's services and all.

This has made online advertising a very powerful tool. Not only that it can reach people worldwide regardless of language and time, probable clients and interested stakeholders can connect with the company. Online advertising has allowed a supplementary medium to the existing media that company uses for its marketing. Proofs tell sales do increase through online advertising. The free flow of information across the globe has made company information more viable and accessible, thus, exposure and sales do improve. I can say, these are the rippling effects. Online advertising is cheaper too, compared to other media and much easier to maintain and update. Companies consequently have saved from their usual marketing costs. With this, minimum operational expenses and increased sales are indeed fool proofs of what online advertising can do.

There are indeed quite ways how companies can do online advertising. The internet and its technology is indeed a big ocean to explore and venture in. Selling online my blog shirts and my boutique in general, has brought us greater sales that compliment our offline sales. Our clients are normally outside the city and they have come to know us through my website, particularly, my blog, and other bloggers. Believe me, online advertising can indeed do wonders even for small-scale companies like ours!

make money blogging

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Shirts On the Way

Earth finally gave us the go signal to fly her stocks to Caloocan. She texted me late last night of how excited she is to receive her goods!!!! I know she will like her blog shirts like how our other clients had appreciated our works.

We shall be preparing new designs and prints to take advantage of our bloggers' party here in GenSan. Come next week, our hands will be pretty busy! Though, it will be vacation time, I shall however be consumed with my programming projects in my masteral.

I shall really need an organizer to help me manage my works! Whew!

New Stocks Had Arrived

To add to our current stocks, stuffs from US just recently arrived. These are indeed big pluses to us, as some other customers opt for western goods in spite of the prices. So, the store now caters not only to middle class but as well to well-off buyers.

We have a small problem though, we cant display all as the the space is too limited. We just wish we can finally get an area in a shopping mall, but we are still considering the operational costs.

We just have to find alternatives to incite people to come to us.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blog Shirt for Cat Lovers

Meow! Meow! I am a sexy blogger!

Since we accept customized printing for our shirts, we tend to design based on the likings of our clients. We made one of the ordered blog shirts for Earth. We assume that a dog print would suit her, but then, she rather prefers a cat print. So, we made this one especially for her! All the other shirts now only await her go signal for delivery to Manila!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Filipino Spouses Community Up and On the Go

I have my friends and in-laws in the other country and are married to foreigners. You can say they thrive well in their foreign lands.

My friends whose fiances are foreigners, they normally apply for a fiance's visa and they get approved right away. But, what I can't comprehend are how rules of migration vary from one country to another. These indeed are the rights and privileges of the sponsoring country. My in-laws in Wisconsin have asked us to migrate to another country, say Canada, as application will be easier there if we wish to proceed to USA. We are still however, working on our applications. But to indeed guide us with the application process, we are quite lost!

Good thing, I came across with Asawa-Spouse, a community of Filipino-Filipino or/and Filipino-Foreign spouses who talk and share their individual experiences through a forum. Since, we are also very interested to migrate, I signed up right away and they have my application approved in just few minutes. I gave my introduction post to everyone. I read the messages of other members on their views and experiences with the migrations processes. Indeed, they were very helpful on other member's case. I jumped from one forum to another, and wow, the members are quite generous in answering the queries of other members. This only confirms what Filipino values are, matulungin and patriotic! The site is free and moderators like, Kalai and Malia from Hawaii, Ghie from Denmark/Quezon City, and Helen from California, MJ from USA, Moccalyn from Philippines, and Mark&Jhoy from Florida, are all respected individuals who facilitate the forum. They make sure that the forum indeed serves its purpose of helping out Filipino spouses work on their migration procedures.

The site is safe enough to use that during registration, you have to be at least honest with your information and that you bound yourself with their rules. This proves that the forum is quite serious with their talks. I shall indeed look forward to asking my own questions and surely, the other forum members will gladly help me.

If you are a Filipino and married or engaged with a foreigner,you too can help us and others who are dreaming of migrating to a foreign land. Your tips and advices and other relevant experiences will surely help the forum members. Sign up now!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our Ordered Shirts Ready for SHipment

I have from Metro Manila, another blogger ,Earth who ordered 8 tops through my blog her very own personalized blog shirts. She even asked for personalized texts for her husband and son. As soon as she gives her go signal, these shirts will be off to her door steps.

Do check out our works. You too can order your own blog shirts. Give us a buzz!

Her Very Own Personalized Blog Print Text With Our Art

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gems Are In

Semi-precious stones are up these days, so we made these our very own line of creative bracelets to complement your casual looks. I usually pair these with complementary earrings and just on flip flops and comfy tops and pants. And, I just love the compliments I get!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check Paying Post

I have been wanting to write for sponsorships but then they are limited if not qualified for me. So, I am just glad that I saw Paying Post as one of sponsor sites on other blogs.

Paying Post allows for advertisement at very reasonable rates. And since a number of bloggers find this site great, I can say, we have all blogged about it and more. This is indeed a good venue to advertise and market any product for reviews. Blogging now is is the fastest way to get and hear feedbacks from anything under the sun. No wonder, advertisers find this avenue effective and efficient.

Get paid to blog

I right away sign up and indeed they were quite fast in processing your application. In less than 2 days, I got my blogs all approved. They pay for referrals too at a very high rate and accepts reviews at the lowest rate possible. Now, that is something to look forward to. Why don't you check their site right away and get listed and advertised!

This great site deserves a thumb's up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are You a Shopaholic?

I have deep urges for shoes, bags, accessories, and clothings,in short, fashion overboard!Hahahaha But I only buy cash as much as possible and if I really have extra. I usually seed money for what I want to purchase. The shopping may come expensive but then, I cant seem to stop the itch of wanting until I get what I desire.Hahahhah! This seems alarming to me but I just want to plunge myself to a little pleasure after heavy and stressful works. I know I deserve this so shopping doesn't make me guilty at all.

So last night, I was quite laughing about a local TV's 3R story clip on shopaholic. It indeed reminded me of my friend who is in deep credit and anxiety and guilt because of impulsive buying. The show confirmed that shopaholic is likened to drug and alcohol addiction that requires true therapy. This is quite true since your habit can bring you to deep credit obligations and hard living not just for you but for your family as well.

How do you know? you are a shopaholic, I like you to take this personal quiz of mine:

1. You seem to buy stuffs you don't even use?

2. You buy what you don't really need?

3. You feel guilty after buying?

4. You are all worried of your piling credit?

5. Your credit overcomes you and your everyday stuffs?

If you answered 3-5 Yes to these questions, my, you are a shop addict. So, what do you have to do about this?

Try these few practical tips:

1. Let go of your credit cards. Maintaining 1 card can be practical.

2. Pay only cash for your purchases. Keep your card at home if you don't have plans of buying important out from this.

3. Don't give a high credit line for your loved ones who are shopaholic.

4. Account all your credits against your earning, if difference equals or outweigh your income, you better tighten your belt.

5. Stay away from your temptations. Don't hung around shopping mall, and other places that will invite you to purchase.

6. List down what are your priority needs, and be focused on them.

7. Ask friends and family to help you be disciplined in your purchases.

8. Pay right away your credited dues. Don't just settle for paying the minimum as interest can pile up with your outstanding balances.

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Blog Prints are In

I am quite happy that my blogger-friends do notice our shirts and really are ordering. WOW!!!!! We are indeed very busy catering to their customized designs. They like the shirts for gifts especially now that the holidays are coming. They even advice me to sell in e-bay!!!!! Perhaps, I will check on this very soon.

I shall post other upcoming text-image styles next week. We have these new prints that you might want to check. If you like these, give me a buzz. THANKS!!!

On my girlish blouse

My sister's cool print style

For Wacky Proud Bloggers

At a closer look

On chocolate brown sleeveless shirt

My personal favorite

Our previous designs:

For blogaholic like me

for grateful sponsored bloggers-design 1

Our design 2

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Avoid Fashion Disasters-Part 3

How conscious are we with our undergarments when we dress up? We seem to place least concern on these as they are hidden but then, people may give their appraising or disconcerting look when our insides are alarming.

Consequently, the following tips can help us.

  • Wear flesh-coloured underwear under white, light or see-through clothes.
  • If a skirt is see-through but not figure-hugging, opt for big, flesh-coloured knickers rather than a G-string.
  • If you have obvious cellulite on your bum, avoid G-strings at all costs when wearing thin fabrics.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Avoid Fashion Disasters-Part 2

As a continuation to my previous post, here are the things you should do with complementing colors. Because of the emerging trends of loud colors today, I tend to see almost every woman wearing and combining dramatic colors. But instead of getting my approving nod, I can only give my disapproving disgust. Some women will just really have to follow the trend without really considering if it suits them too.

So, I can only approve of the following tips:

How to wear colours

  • Only wear shiny fabrics and bright colours on areas that you are sure can stand up to being in the limelight.
  • If you have sallow skin, dark circles or bags, don’t wear black near your face, it only draws attention to it.
  • Combining black with bright colours makes the black look boring and the colours look cheap.
  • If you’re petite or of larger build, avoid a dramatic contrast between top and bottom as this will cut you in half.
to be continued. . .

Friday, November 7, 2008

Planning for a Travel?

Travels are my destressors from work and routinary schedules. But, of course any trip can be a cause of stress too. So, I make it a point to write on a short list what I must do and bring,not only for my own use, but also, of my companions. I am indeed an organizer, and sometimes, an irritating organizer.LOL!

But I cant help share these practical tips to make your travel, more enjoyable and less anxious.

1. If you are working, plan ahead your trip, so you don't have to bring your work with you. I usually do all the reports ahead of their schedules, so I wont stress my employer and co-workers of my absence and wont worry at all when I get back.

2. Bring enough cash but bring your life-saving cards too. You never when they come handy. Just rein yourself from impulsive buying though.

3. Make a check list of what you should bring. If I have to travel with companions, I list their important stuffs under their respective names. This makes the packing easier.

4. Pack light as much as possible. You dont want to have that back aches from bringing your luggages.

5. Bring an extra party wardrobe and no-iron-required clothing and an extra pair of shoes or sandals. You can always paint the new town red with your gears and boots. I am a jean person, but then I have to sport on my fave tops, belts, and bags. I have to look and feel good whereever I should be. This is my vain golden rule!

6.To complement your clothing taste, bring your make-up, other facial and beauty stuffs. Of course, don't forget to put on your sunscreen cream and sunglasses.

7. While you are in your travel, ENJOY and SAVOR the fun with or without your friends, or loved ones. Of course, photo shoots of your happy moments should be a must. You owe that to yourself!

Happy Traveling!

Our Blog Shirt Customers

My blogger-friends were kind enough to support my boutique with these blog print shirts we made. Even Twerlyn who is in Cebu, placed her 2 orders through my blog and was proud enough to write on her blog and post her picture in our blog shirt. Other GenSan bloggers are also placing their preferred shirt designs and colors, and we are just too happy to receive their requests.

Twerlyn from Cebu City posted her picture in our blog shirt.

Aethen from Manila, wearing already the shirt!

Blogging is part of my day and since I am a proud blogger, I can't help but show off that pride through a shirt. I have two colors and text-styles for my shirts and even my son, Yuri and partner, get to wear it too.

So, I thank proud bloggers for appreciating our works. We are still preparing other text prints that will suit the taste of others. Any suggestion?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Avoid Fashion Disasters-Part 1

I was a lousy dresser before as I wore only among black, brown and blue on formal occasions and loose jeans tops and sneakers on usual days. So, I was quite classified under the only-for-friends category. Geez, I never had boys who flirted around me except the lunatics.Hahahahah!

But, of course, we age and we grow up, in body and in sense, so I tried various stuffs, may it be in fashion or lifestyle. I have to say, I am more confident of my looks and what I can possibly wear to boost my good features. And, my oh my, I get to have a good set of praising looks both from the girl-boy sides. So, these show that I am living what I am talking.

I like to share these fashion tips you have to follow from BBC America in another blog, Women Only, so you wont get that discouraging looks instead:

The style basics

  • Recognize your assets and choose clothes which flatter this part of your body.
  • Show off your breasts OR your bum, never both in one outfit.
  • If you have love handles or a round tummy, wear textured fabrics and wrap-around tops.
  • If you have a short or wide neck, wear tops that are open at the neck, rather than high or round ones, to lengthen and slim your neck.
  • If your clothes are too tight, you’ll look fatter not thinner; straining fabric is a style no-no.
to be continued. . .

Family Chic Costumes

The Bunny Niece!

The wacky wannabes!

Our Egyptian, and 80's lady-sisters, and Arabian Mother!

With other Filipino Ladies!

Our family in Wisconsin religiously enjoy the Halloween fever and so we are just to glad to receive their pictures with their fun costumes, even my little niece got to wear a bunny stuff. LOL!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Body Basics for Every Figure

If I am hesitant to wear something new and different from my usual wardrobes, I would usually ask my friends to assess my looks. If I am not really comfortable with the style, then regardless of their positive opinion, I go on with my taste. But being fashionable, doesn't really mean following the trend. I still say, it is being creative and adding style and elegance to what you wear. More importantly, you have to be confident of what you wear as your face and body movements tell expressively what you feel.

These tips from can also help you.

  • Wear colors that look great on you. Not sure what those are? Grab a trusted friend and head to the mall. Hold up tons of colors next to your face and get feedback from your friend. Hues that compliment most complexions: pink, blue, white (you'll just need to change the intensity of these colors to suit your coloring, i.e. hot pink for darker skins, carnation for fairer, ivory for olive tones, etc.)
  • Nobody looks good in high-waisted, pleated pants with narrow ankle openings, but manufacturers still turn these out in droves. Avoid!
  • Don't worry about being trendy when you look at what suits your figure: concentrate on what flatters, and add up-to-date shoes, handbags and accessories later.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get One Size Smaller

Ever worried about your weight? Reluctant to wear anything sexy? Lucky me that I was able to read these easy-to-follow steps from Redbook September 2003 issue. You can try these too and boost your beauty more without worrying the width.

Get-Slim Idea # 1: Wear a bold accessory.

Why it works: A great piece draws attention to your best feature and away from your trouble spots. Got a great waist? Wear a fabulous belt. Amazing ankles? Try something sexy sling backs.

Get-Slim Idea # 2: Slip on a suit jacket

Why it works: A blazer that hits your legs just below the "saddlebag spot" will disguise thick thighs. Plus, a jacket makes you look slightly broader at the shoulders, better balancing wide hips.

Get-Slim Idea # 3: Dress in one strong color

Why it works: The head-to-toe flow of one color tricks the eye, making you look thinner and taller! You can wear any rich hue just stay away from pastels and neon brights.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Earrings for Your Beauty

Shell with Stones at $5.00.

Mother of Pearl's Shell at $5.00.

Are you a nature lover? Do you like green stuffs on you and feel mother Earth? I am guilty on this. So, I take pride and responsibility of promoting recycle and preservation of nature. And of course, I cant help but make use of my creative hands on working on some good and lovely shells for our accessories. I found these two of my collections which I know you would love to wear too.

Practical Tips for Your Jewelry

Do you have a handy of your silver or gold jewelry from loved ones that you hold their gifts dear or that you bought the pieces your own and the pocket still soars from the bucks you spare on these precious stuffs?

I have my own collection of jewelry, gold or silver and of course, I want to keep them more valuable each day, by keeping their original appearance, weight and color. So, I want to part these practical and safe tips to you based from my very own doings.

1. Keep your jewelry gold or silver in safe place and must always be in pairs (if they must be in pairs) and free from entanglement.
2. Once a month, place your jewelry on a lukewarm water with your not-too strong shampoo for 5-10 minutes.
3. Brush lightly the jewelry to remove the dust and the dirt.
4. Tap them dry.

Voila! Your pieces are as good as new!
It wont hurt also if you bring your stuffs to your jeweler once a year to restore its natural color. If these don't work, then let me know.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Dream Halloween Costumes

We shall head to East Asia Royal Hotel after I post message to party on Halloween's Eve. We didn't really prepare much since what we have are only a cape and a devil headdress.

But then, if I have the resources and time, we shall sport the catchy costumes below courtesy of

The bitchy-witchy mommy! Bwhahahahahha!
The Macho-Looking- Hell-Daddy!
The Power Ranger Sonny! Yah!

What could have been your costume?

Choosing the Right Scent for You

I love and admire sweet-smelling stuffs and most especially, people as I have a very discriminating critique for scents. I have a collection of perfumes, from sprays to oil-based and I wear them according to my moods of being flirty, bold, sweet, funk, or just a lady.

How do you choose the right scent anyway? I come across this article of picking the right scent and it is only best that I share the tips with you.

1. Do not test more than one scent at the same time as you will confuse yourself which is which.
2. Let the scent stay on your skin at least an hour. Smelling it right after you spray may come to strong but may not last 12-hour tick tack.
3. Spray all over. You never know where your partner's face will land.
4. Be bold. Try various scents, this will make you more appealing. Believe me, it works wonders on me.
5. Your personality is smelled through scents. So, pick a scent that smells Y-O-U!

Click here for a confirmation.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Prints Now Ready for Order-Sale

As promised in my previous post, I shall upload the pictures of our shirts with blog-hype prints. Here are few of them:

Black Print for Men and Women Sponsored Bloggers

A cutie blog shirt

These can come in different colors and sizes and can be printed using Opaque, Emboss, and Rubberized prints. So, if you are interested, you can send me a message using my email address, These shirts are only Php 180.00 for small, medium and large shirts and only Php195.00 for XL or XXL shirts. If you are outside General Santos City, these can be ordered through Paypal payments and free freight for a minimum order of 5 shirts only within the Philippines.

We also accept PERSONAL CUSTOMIZED prints for you at reasonable rates.

Give me a buzz. . . Thanks!

Accessories for Friendship Bonds

Ate Arlene with her daughter, Dimple

In the course of our Mindanao Bloggers Summit, I had the chance to meet a very lovely and sweet mommy, Ate Arlene and her very pretty daughter, Dimple. I invited them to see me in my boutique the next day after summit.

In midlunch, they came and just joyful to have a chit-chat with them. And, as a souvenir from our store, I gave Ate Arlene, one of my hand - artworks and something cute bracelet for Dimple too.

My Necklace -Artwork picture, courtesy of Ate Arlene

Hearing her, I know she is truly a great woman! I am quite hopeful to meet them again when I will have the chance to be in Iligan. Nice seeing you Ate!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog Printed Shirts Up for Sale

Because of the recent energy hype from the Mindanao Bloggers Summit, I decided to make shirts with blog-related texts and designs for souvenirs and keepings of those proud bloggers.

So, come tomorrow, I shall upload the designs for your critiques and possible orders. I am just happy blogging, it adds color to my day.How about you?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bracelets For Your Fashion AUra

These are just some of our creative bracelets creations.