Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Climb to Danny's Hill

I am quite a laid back person, as I only consumed my time teaching college students and writing articles on our school paper. I was all drained and had been looking for adventure, and so when my friend, Weng, a climber in Zamboanga City, invited me and my friends to join him in a fun climb to Danny's Hill, I just said, "Sure!"

I really did not know the basics of mountain climbing, so I just wore clothes, I was most comfortable, and brought luxury food. The first hour was all uphill, and I started losing my breath, but I did not miss at all the wonderful slopes of Pasonanca hills. When, the climb got longer, and as we took more steps under the raging son, I could only ask the rest of the climbers for a rest! Geez, I thought climbing would be that easy!

We saw strange looking trees and plants along the way and met hill residents along the way. We just bid them hello's and continuously walked towards our destination, the Ostrich and Kennel Farms.

Before we reached the farms, the fog had set low and started to rain, I could only clutch to my jacket but continue walking. We stopped when we reached the ostrich and deer farm and took some pictures with them so I could show them off to my son, Yuri. We proceeded directly to the Kennel Farm, and saw, at least a dozen of hybrid dogs.

Funny that we traversed the mountains for 3 hours to just capture the pictures of these animals. But, what was more satisfying was reaching one of the hills and saw the panorama of Zamboanga City. There, I realized how my personal problems and conflicts can be that mediocre to the grandess of what I saw uphill. My exhaustion had gone vain and I could only yearn that I could climb more and experience more with Mother earth. So, my friends who joined me and I vowed that we would cover other mountains in the city and promote the experience to other mountain lovers.

Two months after the climb, we however, saw our Danny's Hill bombarded with bombs and dynamites as the government soldiers used the mountain for their military exercise. It really broke my heart and wish, people could better protect these mountains instead of killing them. Perhaps, this blog, is about promoting too, earth preservation!