Saturday, May 17, 2008

My First Airsoft Wargame

I have known airsoft wargame for a couple of years, as Jhonkie, a family member, has been playing for quite some time. But, I never really appreciated the game before as I would see severe bullet marks of bb's on their skins.

But sometime in January 2008 in Talon Talon, Zamboanga City with Zamboanga Airsoft members, I had my very first experience of airsoft. I was all trembling with fear and excitement, as I was the only lady in the group. Wearing my battle gear and my first airsoft gun, M14, I hit the dirt with my heart drumming like a thunder.

I lied low on the dirt, waiting for opponents to shoot, but I couldnt really see where my bb's were flying. Good thing, my fellow team mates, shot our opponents. I advanced to the opponents grounds, to see and shot in closer range, but I was hit on my head, "Thug!" I only bursted,"Hit!" to signal that I am dead soldier. I felt disappointment in my first game, so I discussed my flaws with my teammates.

In the second stint we had, we were on the defense side, I just hid in the very corner of the war site, awaiting for opponents to appear, when every one else in my team had declared hit, and I was all alone in the defense team, my heart, pounded more. I was able to shot 4 veterans before being hit by the opponent. I could feel the sting on my legs.

On that day, my co-workers and lady friends, joined the game. We just had great fun, not only that it was an extreme way to lose fats, but it is also a new means to meet new people from different walks of life!!!! We have members who are doctors, businessmen, medical representatives, and teachers, and just becoming more and more of kinds!

Next day, I walked up with sore legs and elbows! I could not walk straight at all, but had my great joy and pride to boost that I finally conquered Airsoft!

Click here to view one of the war games.