Friday, May 23, 2008

Second Climb to Pulong Bato of Zamboanga City

I had the chance to imprint my mark on the legendary, Pulong Bato of Zamboanga City with my students from Pilar College and few close friends.

Natives of Zamboanga would say that Pulong Bato was the hailed sanctuary of Subanun Datu, the first inhabitants of Zamboanga. However, since migrants had occupied the place, the natives moved farther uphill. So, this place only holds now as backdrop, the famous Abong-Abong's 14 Stations of the Cross.

So, sometime in March 2008, around 15 people, students, co-teacher, and veteran climbers. The start was very difficult for amateurs as we climbed a 45-degree stiffer walk. We had to hold on to tall grasses just to keep us from sliding down. The water tanks we had were easily quenched. We had to grip well on a rock wall, as we aimed to Pulong Bato summit. I could only breath for a prayer!

But, as we reached the summit of Pulong Bato for lunch, we were all amazed and awed of the panoramic beauty of the Zamboanga Peninsula. All the sweats, thirsts, foot blisters, and fatigue were vain when we reached the top. The meager and humble lunch we had tasted sweeter and heavenly (perhaps, being closed to heaven, made us feel that!). We then took pictures here and there!

But, the climb didnt end there as we proceeded to the next stop, the Telecomm Summit. We again endured the slope with tall and blady grasses. We could only hold on to them as we were closed to the brinks of falling!!!

The other summit was even more breathtaking! The top where we rested was quite open from trees, so we had a wider vision of the city. I could only thank the Lord for the grandness and splendor of His works. Of course, we took pictures again and endless more!!

The descent was easier and more relaxed. My students couldnt help but thank us for the experience!

We cant wait to visit it again!