Thursday, June 12, 2008

Teaching Blogging to Students

It has been weeks since I wrote my last post here as I didnt have any new adventure to boost. Now, that I am working as teacher again in a new school, I could only wonder and wander.

But, I realized I could also teach my students how to blog and have an interaction about our lessons online. Also, I encouraged them to find blogging as a new medium to advertise and get paid. Now, I got their full attention. So, this is my new adventure, blogging with students. . . .

I only hope they will find joy as I did in finding new friends and earning at the same time. . .

Friday, June 6, 2008

Most Difficult Mountain Climb By Far

Sometime in May 2008, my college friend-classmate had invited me to a mountain-river-ocean adventure. And since, I had nothing much to do as I was jobless, I said "yes" right away. So, I packed for 2 days food and clothes and slept very early for the adventure ahead.

The starting climb was all difficult, only my feet could tremble and complain of fatigue. We stopped for a break when we visited a village of Tibolis (natives of Kiamba) and saw a log coffin as their burial tradition. This tradition has been practised for 75 years. . .

The next 7 hours of climb was more tiring and draining but I just loved the nature I was in. I could only marvel of their wonders. What I couldnt forget was the 1-hour climb down to the base camp, It was almost 90 degrees slope down with muddy steps. I could only grip to the grass and pray that I wouldnt fall. . . whew! The sleep at night was fast! I could feel every bone complaining. . . z z z z z z z

But the experience was all great. The spring water was endless and all cold and sweet. I couldnt wait to have my new adventure in Mt. Busa. A mountain much stiffer and farther in Kiamba. Come August!!!!!!!

Poor Blog of Mine

My blog ranking today is at around 29 M. Whew, I am in bottom list!!! It has been a while since my last update of this blog.

There was an invitation to us to climb to Mt. Parker in Lake Sebu for tree planting. I would love to go a hike again but the works and schooling are really starting their toil. Perhaps next time, when I am free again, I could go climbing again and enjoy the tranquility of the earth.