Friday, October 10, 2008

Our First Business Real Bad Experience!

On the third day of our boutique, we were all excited of this customer wanting to buy a lot of stuffs from us. Since I had to leave for my afternoon class, I left my sister, mother and husband to attend to her needs.

I had been wanting to text them of the worth that customer had bought, but to my dismay, my mother had to text me to that the bag of my sister was all stolen by the big fat woman we all attended to. They ranted on how they were all busy packing the things she originally would want to buy. To their disbelief, the woman was able to grab my sister's bag, with all her valuables.

We were really disappointed as we didnt have much sales for the day and then, this experience happened. They reported the incident to the police already. This is indeed an expensive experience to learn. We really hope we shall have better sales in the coming days to outweigh what we had lost today.