Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are You a Shopaholic?

I have deep urges for shoes, bags, accessories, and clothings,in short, fashion overboard!Hahahaha But I only buy cash as much as possible and if I really have extra. I usually seed money for what I want to purchase. The shopping may come expensive but then, I cant seem to stop the itch of wanting until I get what I desire.Hahahhah! This seems alarming to me but I just want to plunge myself to a little pleasure after heavy and stressful works. I know I deserve this so shopping doesn't make me guilty at all.

So last night, I was quite laughing about a local TV's 3R story clip on shopaholic. It indeed reminded me of my friend who is in deep credit and anxiety and guilt because of impulsive buying. The show confirmed that shopaholic is likened to drug and alcohol addiction that requires true therapy. This is quite true since your habit can bring you to deep credit obligations and hard living not just for you but for your family as well.

How do you know? you are a shopaholic, I like you to take this personal quiz of mine:

1. You seem to buy stuffs you don't even use?

2. You buy what you don't really need?

3. You feel guilty after buying?

4. You are all worried of your piling credit?

5. Your credit overcomes you and your everyday stuffs?

If you answered 3-5 Yes to these questions, my, you are a shop addict. So, what do you have to do about this?

Try these few practical tips:

1. Let go of your credit cards. Maintaining 1 card can be practical.

2. Pay only cash for your purchases. Keep your card at home if you don't have plans of buying important out from this.

3. Don't give a high credit line for your loved ones who are shopaholic.

4. Account all your credits against your earning, if difference equals or outweigh your income, you better tighten your belt.

5. Stay away from your temptations. Don't hung around shopping mall, and other places that will invite you to purchase.

6. List down what are your priority needs, and be focused on them.

7. Ask friends and family to help you be disciplined in your purchases.

8. Pay right away your credited dues. Don't just settle for paying the minimum as interest can pile up with your outstanding balances.