Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get One Size Smaller

Ever worried about your weight? Reluctant to wear anything sexy? Lucky me that I was able to read these easy-to-follow steps from Redbook September 2003 issue. You can try these too and boost your beauty more without worrying the width.

Get-Slim Idea # 1: Wear a bold accessory.

Why it works: A great piece draws attention to your best feature and away from your trouble spots. Got a great waist? Wear a fabulous belt. Amazing ankles? Try something sexy sling backs.

Get-Slim Idea # 2: Slip on a suit jacket

Why it works: A blazer that hits your legs just below the "saddlebag spot" will disguise thick thighs. Plus, a jacket makes you look slightly broader at the shoulders, better balancing wide hips.

Get-Slim Idea # 3: Dress in one strong color

Why it works: The head-to-toe flow of one color tricks the eye, making you look thinner and taller! You can wear any rich hue just stay away from pastels and neon brights.