Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Blog Shirt Customers

My blogger-friends were kind enough to support my boutique with these blog print shirts we made. Even Twerlyn who is in Cebu, placed her 2 orders through my blog and was proud enough to write on her blog and post her picture in our blog shirt. Other GenSan bloggers are also placing their preferred shirt designs and colors, and we are just too happy to receive their requests.

Twerlyn from Cebu City posted her picture in our blog shirt.

Aethen from Manila, wearing already the shirt!

Blogging is part of my day and since I am a proud blogger, I can't help but show off that pride through a shirt. I have two colors and text-styles for my shirts and even my son, Yuri and partner, get to wear it too.

So, I thank proud bloggers for appreciating our works. We are still preparing other text prints that will suit the taste of others. Any suggestion?