Friday, November 7, 2008

Planning for a Travel?

Travels are my destressors from work and routinary schedules. But, of course any trip can be a cause of stress too. So, I make it a point to write on a short list what I must do and bring,not only for my own use, but also, of my companions. I am indeed an organizer, and sometimes, an irritating organizer.LOL!

But I cant help share these practical tips to make your travel, more enjoyable and less anxious.

1. If you are working, plan ahead your trip, so you don't have to bring your work with you. I usually do all the reports ahead of their schedules, so I wont stress my employer and co-workers of my absence and wont worry at all when I get back.

2. Bring enough cash but bring your life-saving cards too. You never when they come handy. Just rein yourself from impulsive buying though.

3. Make a check list of what you should bring. If I have to travel with companions, I list their important stuffs under their respective names. This makes the packing easier.

4. Pack light as much as possible. You dont want to have that back aches from bringing your luggages.

5. Bring an extra party wardrobe and no-iron-required clothing and an extra pair of shoes or sandals. You can always paint the new town red with your gears and boots. I am a jean person, but then I have to sport on my fave tops, belts, and bags. I have to look and feel good whereever I should be. This is my vain golden rule!

6.To complement your clothing taste, bring your make-up, other facial and beauty stuffs. Of course, don't forget to put on your sunscreen cream and sunglasses.

7. While you are in your travel, ENJOY and SAVOR the fun with or without your friends, or loved ones. Of course, photo shoots of your happy moments should be a must. You owe that to yourself!

Happy Traveling!