Friday, December 5, 2008

Filipino Spouses Community Up and On the Go

I have my friends and in-laws in the other country and are married to foreigners. You can say they thrive well in their foreign lands.

My friends whose fiances are foreigners, they normally apply for a fiance's visa and they get approved right away. But, what I can't comprehend are how rules of migration vary from one country to another. These indeed are the rights and privileges of the sponsoring country. My in-laws in Wisconsin have asked us to migrate to another country, say Canada, as application will be easier there if we wish to proceed to USA. We are still however, working on our applications. But to indeed guide us with the application process, we are quite lost!

Good thing, I came across with Asawa-Spouse, a community of Filipino-Filipino or/and Filipino-Foreign spouses who talk and share their individual experiences through a forum. Since, we are also very interested to migrate, I signed up right away and they have my application approved in just few minutes. I gave my introduction post to everyone. I read the messages of other members on their views and experiences with the migrations processes. Indeed, they were very helpful on other member's case. I jumped from one forum to another, and wow, the members are quite generous in answering the queries of other members. This only confirms what Filipino values are, matulungin and patriotic! The site is free and moderators like, Kalai and Malia from Hawaii, Ghie from Denmark/Quezon City, and Helen from California, MJ from USA, Moccalyn from Philippines, and Mark&Jhoy from Florida, are all respected individuals who facilitate the forum. They make sure that the forum indeed serves its purpose of helping out Filipino spouses work on their migration procedures.

The site is safe enough to use that during registration, you have to be at least honest with your information and that you bound yourself with their rules. This proves that the forum is quite serious with their talks. I shall indeed look forward to asking my own questions and surely, the other forum members will gladly help me.

If you are a Filipino and married or engaged with a foreigner,you too can help us and others who are dreaming of migrating to a foreign land. Your tips and advices and other relevant experiences will surely help the forum members. Sign up now!