Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Favorite Flip Flops

My Very Own Havaianas High Flip Flop

When my sister, Tammy, bought me my first Havs slippers, I was all elated since the slippers are quite fashionable, trendy, and best of all, comfortable on my sensitive feet! Since then, I normally go out on casual wear with my flip flops on. I wear them with pride since I know they are authentic.

Now, we have our store already and we practically sell almost everything from accessories and apparel to shoes and bags, we ordered our 2009 Havs USA Edition stocks and I couldn't help but buy one pair for myself.hahahahah! We sell then the rest of our high havs to our clients. We still get a lot of orders though for 2009 havs edition. Do check these two pairs left:

Aching Feet for a Teacher

I usually switch among my many roles, from teacher and student to being an entrepreneur. And, fashionable as I am, I usually use high-heeled shoes and other accessories to complement my school uniform.

But, with long hours of standing during lectures and laboratory assessments, I normally have foot pains, not to mention, from the type of shoes that I wear.

So, whenever I have the chance, I would just wear my heeled shoes during classes but I wear my flip flops when I am in our store or wear doll shoes on my skinny jeans with big bags. These give my feet the break that they need from long standing. Foot massages every evening also do alleviate the pain.

It is really important then that when I buy shoes, they must be, first and foremost comfortable. Teaching is difficult and demanding, physically and mentally but I would always love it and still see myself growing old with it in spite of aching feet and backs!

My Travel Gears

My family and I love to travel a lot. We seem to go anywhere whenever we have the chance and resources.

Then, we normally do city hops but my usual problems are the things I should bring. My family would say, I almost bring my closet with me.hahahahahah! Thus, we have these big bags for long travels.

traveling with my kid and comfy climber's pack

But, I had been wanting to buy a mountain climber pack since I am an active climber already. I bought my first climb pack and we used it when we had our holiday off in Samal Islands, Davao City. We bought too our first tent, so we don't have to worry where we should sleep whenever we are away from home.

our tent for 3-5 persons

Our trip was quite long, but I never felt any back pain and my things weighed so unnoticeable. It is indeed helpful to use the right bags for the occasion. Now, we have a scheduled climb to Mt. Parker in the enchanting place of Lake Sebu this February. I shall be however, absent from my classes and I will sure bring my comfortable gears with me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Amateur Fashion Consultant

Yesterday, we had this English Festival in school where our college students had to ramp different clothing line.

I was however surprised that my students had consulted me to what our contestants should wear.hahahhhahah! I was pretty stunned so I told them I don't know much about fashion. They simply uttered, "You are fashionable and classy maam!" Hahahahahahhaha! I really indeed gave them a good laugh.

So, I asked them what dresses and stuffs would our contestants wear. Our store does not provide gowns/dresses for rent, so they simply borrowed stuffs.

We checked websites for 2009 trends just to affirm what we had in mind. We indeed mixed and matched dress colors, with my student's skin tone and accessories that would highlight her beauty. I wish we had better choices of clothes and stuffs, so she wouldn't appear oldie! hahahhahaha! I was not just confident with our male contestant, so we asked our male student to help out.

But, the ramp ran as planned. I only watched the preliminary segment and I was proud that somehow, I indeed evolved from an ugly duckling and fashion disaster to something worth noticeable.hahahhahahhah!

Being bold and creative and confident indeed makes a difference!

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Fashion Trends

2009 Fairy Tale Romance Runway Trends

2008 had been a year of bold cool colors and modern-conventional designs and Philippines wasn't of course far from the global trend.

2009 Hair Trends

Since 2006, I am already conscious of what is hot and what is not! Though some trends are cool and popular, I do make sure, they suit my taste, my figure and my style. It doesn't actually follow that the latest trends will apply to everyone. One must still consider his or her individuality and set his/her own trend without being an outcast from what is hot!

2009 Hot bangles and bags

Now, my sets of skinny jeans are still in my closet and I complement them with bags and silver and bronze belts and accessories that somehow conceal my age. Hahahahahah! Now, you know my secret. LOL!

I anticipate that 2009 will only supersede and continue what 2008 hot picks were. I dug what could 2009 be, and I indeed liked what I saw. . .

Check 2009 fashion trends. . . You may wonder what color, hair, shoe or accessories be hot these coming days.

Bulk Shirt Printing for Giveaways

When we started our shirt printing, we made few shirt samples and tried our ideas across the shirts. Our first creation was a digital-printed shirt. My partner was able to print our favorite pictures on the shirts and we were just quite proud to wear them. We then had our fair share of clients for digital shirt prints.

First Digital Shirt Print with my 5 images with family and friends

Then,sometime in December, we had bulk printings for reunions, and holiday gifts. We took pride in producing these group shirts.

Our Reunion Shirts and boosting it when I delivered the welcome speech!

We made two more bulk works for our other clients as their giveaways and now we waiting bulk printing for fiestas and more gatherings! These and our personalized shirt printing complement our store! Cheers to art!Cheers to life!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Couple Shirts' Possible Texts

I have been wanting to prepare more couples' shirts but since I only have one artist at home, I could only give him my insights, then, he does all the designing. He is pretty good and all of our clients had appreciated his works.

We have one pending love shirt for Lainy and we shall complete it this weekend, while I shall be working on my requirements in school.Hahahahha!

I could think of texts like: "Match in Heaven" with matching image, and "I am Hooked to You!" or
"I love my man hot and hard!" Hahahahahah! Hmnnnn, I still need more motivation! Hahahahha!

Pending Handcrafts

We had purchased add-on materials for our hand crafts and shirt designing but I could not motivate my other family members to work. Sigh! I usually drive everyone in our store to work on stuffs if they would see me start working on the crafts myself. But since, I am too preoccupied by my masteral requirements, they would just dawdle as well and just watch the same old movies over and over again.Hahahahha!

I am now really burdened by the pressing works I have to complete from my teaching job and from being a masteral student in IT. Sob! Sob! Sob!

I really wish that all these will be over soon and then, I can go back to my other love, artwork designing. I have so much ideas in my head of what we should be doing for the store, I just couldn't have the time and energy to work on them. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Too much enthusiasm, but too little time!

More Stocks for the Store

My family abroad have been pooling stocks for the store. They were able to purchase more of Victoria Secret's collections, some signature bags, clothings and accessories.

We had much orders for scented stuffs. And while they are expensive, some of our clients would still want them because they come cheaper and guaranteed original compared to what are sold here in some malls.

But we still cannot ignore the middle class buyers, so we purchase stuffs that can be sold on the price range that is competitive enough with other local stores.

Being an entrepreneur is quite hard but I learn much from my parents and some success stories of other SME's. I am however,hopeful that amidst financial crisis, our store can still make through and do better this year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nice Sheer Lingeries for Everyone

Are you sexy? Do you feel sexy? I don't think one has to go naked just to be one since with something on makes one wonder what is hidden under those garments, and thus, makes you more desirable. Trust me, having been married made me know men inside and out.

Even if a person is married or not, this should not stop him or her to wear something attractive to look and feel good. Wearing the right stuffs for me means making me know that I look good and shall look better through the eyes of others. Unsolicited praises from my colleaugues and students from both genders affirm these.

I love laces too. They make me more comfortable and way sexy! The fact that one can see through from it makes it more attractive. Hahahahhaahah! Sometimes, wearing them, makes me more naughty than ever!!!!

Sheer Lingerie is classy and sexy. No wonder, one likes to wear them a lot. One seem not to notice that they are actually being worn. They can be your undergarments or your men's and they sure fit well. The men in our house love the looks and feel of women's sheer lingeries, they would want a different kind for themselves too!

Sheer Lingerie is Sexy Lingerie

I just love this stuff above. Hmnnn, I can't wait to wear it myself!

Since the Lover's Day is getting nearer, you can surprise your loved ones with any of these sheer lingeries. They can be purchased online and be delivered in an instant! These can be very interesting and hot gifts for a very special person in your heart.

Nice Garden Reception

We found this restaurant, Highland Gardens in the remote place of General Santos City. I dragged my siblings to this plac on top of the hill, just to exactly see why my other friend highly recommended it.

It was early evening that time and we could not see much from the dim surroundings and the travel was long. But, when we arrived to the place, wow, it was captivating and enchanting. The beautiful landscape, lights, sea and mountain breeze all complement and made the experience alleviating.

We had our good photo shoots of course, hahhahahaha, I just didn't have the time to upload them.Funny me!

We barely see the Sarangani Waters but we could see the fine silhouette of the mountains and the flickery lights of the city. The food and crew were great. The travel was all worth it. We promised then that will bring our parents on their anniversary for a romantic treat to this place. I wish my son will have his big day on this place! Hahahahhah!

Designing our Accessories on Silvers

We decided to go global and sell our artworks online and abroad. We asked our family to help us market our stuffs.

But of course, to go global means, to improve our quality and aesthetics. We decided to use silvers and make use of classic and elegant designs to boost our handworks. Come this summer, I shall be off from my masteral classes and most likely, I can devote my time on this fine hobby that I love so much.

Getting the silvers will however require us to go back to our old home. Designing accessories is challenging but fulfilling. One work sometimes consumes time because of the required details and individuality. So, I give high salute to all artist who pay much time and worth on getting their styles done.

Seeing my clients appreciate and wear our handworks makes more confident and jubilant!!!! We shall do more, that is forsure, in the coming days!!!!!

Right Swimwear for a C-Section Lady

I gave birth to my son through a C-section and to think that I was cut open twice and keloidal indeed poses a problem. Whenever, we are to go out for a swim, wearing the right swimwear is always my toil.

I have a vertical cut on my abdomen, and with this, I couldn't wear low-waist stuffs but I am quite a low-waist-pants user. Sometimes, I would just ignore my scar but it unnoticingly comes out from my pants and tops. My son would sometimes pull my shirt down just to hide it.Sweet boy he is but I just couldn't keep my keloidal scar hidden at all times.

Now that summer is coming, I have to really look for nice boy shorts and lovely tops for swimwear and nice pants and sundresses. Looking good is my top priority. Call it vain but it just makes me feel lovely.Hahahahahha!!!!

Picking the Right Clothes for Bigger Kids

My son is quite big for his age. He is just 6 years old but his weight is around 30 kg. My, I only weigh 45 kgs. My family would usually buy him clothes but the usual problem is for these stuffs to fit him well. It would just be a matter of weeks, then these would be hand over to my nephew who is 1/2 of his size but they share the same age.

He loves eating though, we have to be blamed because we give in his demand. He has this nasty habit of telling, "Mommy, I am already hungry. My tummy is aching." Who can actually not give in to that? Hahhahahahahha! But now, we train him not to give in to his cravings. Water and fruits indeed help.

But he is still of bigger size. We have to look for his clothings at the old kid's sections just to check for the right sizes. Having a boy to look for some clothes, at least, is easy, picking the right size is not. Sigh!

Bleak Store on Rainy Days

It has been days since we had a good sales and the rainy weather lately doesn't help at all. As I type, the rain outside has been heavy and I have to miss my morning classes since we don't have our van here.

This bad weather won't at all bring us any sale today as people won't bother to go out, much more, buy from our little store.

I hope our sales will improve more in the coming days. Now, that holidays are over, people seem to be back to reality, that is, becoming thriftier and just buy what they really need at cheaper ones. But, this should not discourage us, right? AJA Rosilie!

Let Me Get You Some Love

I was quite a conservative in terms of my clothing choices, of course, flirting then was not in my style. I had my own share of suitors but I could only count a few, then I began considering, if I was at all ugly. I might have done well academically but I seemed not to impress men with that. My flirty clothing definition only involves 3 lame colors and some pairs of pants and loose shirts and dull undergarments.LOL!!!!

But, when I became so insecure with myself, I totally turned bolder and felt much prettier. The choice of clothing indeed helps in that line. Now, I do wear tighter jeans to show off my slender and long legs and wear mini skirts with sexy lingerie to show off my butt!!! Not only that I feel sexy on the outside, I feel more sexy on what I hide inside. With that kind of feeling, I exude that confidence and naughtiness I smile to everyone. Even my students find me younger and more appealing. So, this pretty confirms that confidence and choice of fashion help.

But where can one find more flirty clothing choices to suit one's unique personality? I came across these sexy mini skirts and wow, I never have seen so many variety of what a person can actually wear to feel and look sexy!

Sexy Mini Skirts

They have very fine and lovely lines of lingeries, skirts, dresses, tops, jewelry, accessories, costumes, naughty toys for everyone and more!

What is good that, you can place your orders online and surprise your loved ones for these special stuffs. Now, that Valentine's Day is getting nearer, this lovely site can indeed help you with your gifts. You can right away place your orders and get your stuffs in a flash. Now, if in case you are not happy with what you bought, then you can always return the goods according to their set rules. This is indeed a well-spent buying. I can pretty suggest to my friends gift ideas. Why don't you check it yourself! You may find one stuff that you love! I just have one order in mind.

New Blog Design

I always like blog hopping not only that I get to know more people and their individuality and works, but I also get fascinated by their blog designs. I have been wanting to update my 2 blogs but resources and time won't let me.

But, I know I will never have the time to update them, so I ask my friend Lainy to help me contact Designer's Chic. She is indeed an expert as after few questions of how I would like my blog to look like, she came up with this new design in less than a day. WOW!!!!

I just want my blog to have life and class at the same time.Hahahhaha!!!! This will indeed help me and my works get known and of course, get me some opps!!!!

Thanks Ivy! You made my blogging exciting! So, to those who have a lousy-dull template like what I had before, do check Designer's Chic. She will help you all the way with getting your individuality real through your blog design.

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 First Starts Accessories

Highlighted red and white stones on bronze

Complementary green and white stones on bronze

Over the weekend, we consumed our waiting time on designing handcrafts. Since 2009 is still into bright colors including red and green, we decided to make the them 2009ish!

We did pretty good sales on them too.Hahahahhahah!

See more 2009 handworks.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Jadite Stones for Handcrafts

We have been making new accessory lines from new stone colors that come around but I was just too busy to even write about them or at least post their pictures. But, lately we have been making new sets. By tomorrow, we shall get their pictures as a start of our 2009 edition.

Above was one of our works which I failed to post. Blame the busy me!Hahahahha!

Another Couple's Shirt

My sister's shirt.

The special friend's shirt

When my sister and her special friend came to visit us for the holiday break, they wanted to have a couple's shirt of some wacky but romantic texts to boost. They chose the pink colored shirts and just asked us to do the shirts rush, in time for their departure.

So, we came up this pair. They were just grinning with one another, anxious to wear the shirts and kid everyone but not themselves! Our first couple's shirt was that of Lainy. This print and more couple's styles will come your way!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Can't Live Without TV?

I love TV. I just could not imagine my life without it. For one, it is my destressor after long hours of work. I could switch between watching movies through my DVD player and TV programs. Then, there are my household companions who are hooked to TV series or even my kid, who is into child TV programs. Whoever invented TV must be a saint now.

When my parents would always reprimand us for going to our neighbors' home just to watch what was played on their screen, my parents then, decided to buy us a good old TV set with its complementary TV cabinet. Funny how TV sets have evolved over the years. Our old TV set was black and white. But it was very well liked. I would even fight with my grandma and cousins just to fix the channel on a kid's program. Then, there were other several TV sets after that but they had become of colored resolutions, bigger and more mobile. You can say the remote control now is on the powerful hands of the elders, including me!!!!

But, picking the right TV is always a challenge. One has to consider its quality, size, and features. But considering all these criteria, cost can not be ignored. So, good thing store nowadays offer wide brand selections on TVs. One can even search it over the Internet to look for the latest brand and models.

I would want to have an LCD TV in my home, where we can watch anything with pictures almost real. Now, that is something to wish for. I only hope prices for this TV would go down. Store hopping to compare prices can indeed help to save your hard-earned money.

Can anyone live without TV? I don't pretty think so. Life indeed becomes a total bore!

Long Weekend for New Handcrafted Accessories

I was supposed to work on my lectures for next week's class, but since my other colleague would want me to design a new set of stones accessories for earrings, bracelets and necklaces, I dragged everyone else in our store to start working again on the stuffs.

We finished 2 sets after several hours of mix-and-match designing. I shall however take some pictures of them to add on to our list. I seemed to get more excited of doing these handcrafts than going to school as a student and as a teacher. Hahahahaa!

But, since it is Sunday today, have to finish the lectures after my laundry, blog, and designs. I wonder if I still have the time. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Customized Print Shirt for a Loved One

A couple shirt for Lainy's boyfriend

A blogger-friend, Elaine, had been asking us to print her a special shirt for her and her bf's anniversary as a gift. And, so we were happy enough to help her with the designs, colors and text. Before we went to Samal Island last weekend, we drafted the design already but we missed having a medium-size shirt. So, I told my partner that we had to go back ASAP as Lainy would want to send the shirt to Australia for her by Monday. We created this shirt for her Scott. We personally delivered the shirt, and we were just pleased that she loved the back-to-back print with the personalized texts.

Now, we have to make the partner shirt for Lainy, bearing the texts she wants to boost for her boyfriend. Her shirt will bear the texts, "Scotty's Princess" and "My Heart." We are just honored to be part of their love story!!!!!

We shall be making couple's shirts soon in time for Valentine's Day. You too can place your order. Your loved one will surely appreciate a customized shirt only for a VIP.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bad Guys on Holiday Season

We had our terrible experience of getting robbed while we just had our store opened last October. And since holiday breaks were longer this December, we decided to be more careful with our store, particularly on our products. We even purchased a security alarm for burglars. But, I guess, thieves would just have to be always on the look-out for opportunity to steal.

My mom decided to pack our stocks last new year's eve as dubious people were lurking around our store. So, we packed all our products and put them in a box again. But as we do this, one imported shoe box with 1 piece sandal is missing. We couldn't exactly locate it but found the other partner of the sandal on hand. We then assumed that the box was shop-lifted by our BAD customer/s thinking he/she could get the entire pair.

Now that holiday breaks are over, we have to bring the packed stocks again to our store and re-order them. I just hope this new year will be a better year for our store and for everyone, EXCLUDING THE BAD GUYS!!!!

Blogging and Advertising: A Perfect Match

I originally started blogging to earn extra while I was on leave from teaching. But, I wanted to find another means to earn at home while being with my son. So, I was fortunate that I was introduced to blogging.

Originally, I was all confused of how a blog can earn income, but then as I blog hopped, I learned how bloggers can actually be paid by promoting and reviewing advertisers' products and/or websites. So, I started to generate traffic to my blog and created affiliations with blog-reviewing websites. Some other websites have various protocols on how to be a sponsored member and how to write for paid reviews. I am but thankful that PayingPost made my affiliation easy and reviewed my posts fast.

Blog advertising network

But, how can actually a blog earn? A blog earns through advertisements made by companies online. Normally, one can earn through per per clicks or paid sponsorships. Companies require you to review their products or websites and write positive feedback on them.

Online advertising indeed work for click- and/or brick-and-mortar companies as they get to invite more potential customers worldwide. Thereby, expanding their marketbase. Fundamentally, it is the review of other people that these potential customers do visit company websites and check their products. Studies even show that sales do increase because of online advertising. It is then not surprising, that more and more companies are advertising online. But one of the constraints too from online advertising is getting the right company to do the advertisements that get results. Advertising costs can be one of the company's criteria. You may want to check that PayingPost offers 50% lower than their competitors.

I am indeed grateful that advertising and blogging makes writers like me enjoy writing but getting paid at the same time. This is a partnership that is proven effective and beneficial to both parties. Why dont you try it? Do check PayingPost now! You too can be a proof that what I am saying can be all true.

bloggers and advertising