Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Fashion Trends

2009 Fairy Tale Romance Runway Trends

2008 had been a year of bold cool colors and modern-conventional designs and Philippines wasn't of course far from the global trend.

2009 Hair Trends

Since 2006, I am already conscious of what is hot and what is not! Though some trends are cool and popular, I do make sure, they suit my taste, my figure and my style. It doesn't actually follow that the latest trends will apply to everyone. One must still consider his or her individuality and set his/her own trend without being an outcast from what is hot!

2009 Hot bangles and bags

Now, my sets of skinny jeans are still in my closet and I complement them with bags and silver and bronze belts and accessories that somehow conceal my age. Hahahahahah! Now, you know my secret. LOL!

I anticipate that 2009 will only supersede and continue what 2008 hot picks were. I dug what could 2009 be, and I indeed liked what I saw. . .

Check 2009 fashion trends. . . You may wonder what color, hair, shoe or accessories be hot these coming days.