Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aching Feet for a Teacher

I usually switch among my many roles, from teacher and student to being an entrepreneur. And, fashionable as I am, I usually use high-heeled shoes and other accessories to complement my school uniform.

But, with long hours of standing during lectures and laboratory assessments, I normally have foot pains, not to mention, from the type of shoes that I wear.

So, whenever I have the chance, I would just wear my heeled shoes during classes but I wear my flip flops when I am in our store or wear doll shoes on my skinny jeans with big bags. These give my feet the break that they need from long standing. Foot massages every evening also do alleviate the pain.

It is really important then that when I buy shoes, they must be, first and foremost comfortable. Teaching is difficult and demanding, physically and mentally but I would always love it and still see myself growing old with it in spite of aching feet and backs!