Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bad Guys on Holiday Season

We had our terrible experience of getting robbed while we just had our store opened last October. And since holiday breaks were longer this December, we decided to be more careful with our store, particularly on our products. We even purchased a security alarm for burglars. But, I guess, thieves would just have to be always on the look-out for opportunity to steal.

My mom decided to pack our stocks last new year's eve as dubious people were lurking around our store. So, we packed all our products and put them in a box again. But as we do this, one imported shoe box with 1 piece sandal is missing. We couldn't exactly locate it but found the other partner of the sandal on hand. We then assumed that the box was shop-lifted by our BAD customer/s thinking he/she could get the entire pair.

Now that holiday breaks are over, we have to bring the packed stocks again to our store and re-order them. I just hope this new year will be a better year for our store and for everyone, EXCLUDING THE BAD GUYS!!!!