Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blogging and Advertising: A Perfect Match

I originally started blogging to earn extra while I was on leave from teaching. But, I wanted to find another means to earn at home while being with my son. So, I was fortunate that I was introduced to blogging.

Originally, I was all confused of how a blog can earn income, but then as I blog hopped, I learned how bloggers can actually be paid by promoting and reviewing advertisers' products and/or websites. So, I started to generate traffic to my blog and created affiliations with blog-reviewing websites. Some other websites have various protocols on how to be a sponsored member and how to write for paid reviews. I am but thankful that PayingPost made my affiliation easy and reviewed my posts fast.

Blog advertising network

But, how can actually a blog earn? A blog earns through advertisements made by companies online. Normally, one can earn through per per clicks or paid sponsorships. Companies require you to review their products or websites and write positive feedback on them.

Online advertising indeed work for click- and/or brick-and-mortar companies as they get to invite more potential customers worldwide. Thereby, expanding their marketbase. Fundamentally, it is the review of other people that these potential customers do visit company websites and check their products. Studies even show that sales do increase because of online advertising. It is then not surprising, that more and more companies are advertising online. But one of the constraints too from online advertising is getting the right company to do the advertisements that get results. Advertising costs can be one of the company's criteria. You may want to check that PayingPost offers 50% lower than their competitors.

I am indeed grateful that advertising and blogging makes writers like me enjoy writing but getting paid at the same time. This is a partnership that is proven effective and beneficial to both parties. Why dont you try it? Do check PayingPost now! You too can be a proof that what I am saying can be all true.

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