Friday, January 16, 2009

Bulk Shirt Printing for Giveaways

When we started our shirt printing, we made few shirt samples and tried our ideas across the shirts. Our first creation was a digital-printed shirt. My partner was able to print our favorite pictures on the shirts and we were just quite proud to wear them. We then had our fair share of clients for digital shirt prints.

First Digital Shirt Print with my 5 images with family and friends

Then,sometime in December, we had bulk printings for reunions, and holiday gifts. We took pride in producing these group shirts.

Our Reunion Shirts and boosting it when I delivered the welcome speech!

We made two more bulk works for our other clients as their giveaways and now we waiting bulk printing for fiestas and more gatherings! These and our personalized shirt printing complement our store! Cheers to art!Cheers to life!