Friday, January 23, 2009

Amateur Fashion Consultant

Yesterday, we had this English Festival in school where our college students had to ramp different clothing line.

I was however surprised that my students had consulted me to what our contestants should wear.hahahhhahah! I was pretty stunned so I told them I don't know much about fashion. They simply uttered, "You are fashionable and classy maam!" Hahahahahahhaha! I really indeed gave them a good laugh.

So, I asked them what dresses and stuffs would our contestants wear. Our store does not provide gowns/dresses for rent, so they simply borrowed stuffs.

We checked websites for 2009 trends just to affirm what we had in mind. We indeed mixed and matched dress colors, with my student's skin tone and accessories that would highlight her beauty. I wish we had better choices of clothes and stuffs, so she wouldn't appear oldie! hahahhahaha! I was not just confident with our male contestant, so we asked our male student to help out.

But, the ramp ran as planned. I only watched the preliminary segment and I was proud that somehow, I indeed evolved from an ugly duckling and fashion disaster to something worth noticeable.hahahhahahhah!

Being bold and creative and confident indeed makes a difference!