Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Favorite Flip Flops

My Very Own Havaianas High Flip Flop

When my sister, Tammy, bought me my first Havs slippers, I was all elated since the slippers are quite fashionable, trendy, and best of all, comfortable on my sensitive feet! Since then, I normally go out on casual wear with my flip flops on. I wear them with pride since I know they are authentic.

Now, we have our store already and we practically sell almost everything from accessories and apparel to shoes and bags, we ordered our 2009 Havs USA Edition stocks and I couldn't help but buy one pair for myself.hahahahah! We sell then the rest of our high havs to our clients. We still get a lot of orders though for 2009 havs edition. Do check these two pairs left: