Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Travel Gears

My family and I love to travel a lot. We seem to go anywhere whenever we have the chance and resources.

Then, we normally do city hops but my usual problems are the things I should bring. My family would say, I almost bring my closet with me.hahahahahah! Thus, we have these big bags for long travels.

traveling with my kid and comfy climber's pack

But, I had been wanting to buy a mountain climber pack since I am an active climber already. I bought my first climb pack and we used it when we had our holiday off in Samal Islands, Davao City. We bought too our first tent, so we don't have to worry where we should sleep whenever we are away from home.

our tent for 3-5 persons

Our trip was quite long, but I never felt any back pain and my things weighed so unnoticeable. It is indeed helpful to use the right bags for the occasion. Now, we have a scheduled climb to Mt. Parker in the enchanting place of Lake Sebu this February. I shall be however, absent from my classes and I will sure bring my comfortable gears with me.