Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Blog Design

I always like blog hopping not only that I get to know more people and their individuality and works, but I also get fascinated by their blog designs. I have been wanting to update my 2 blogs but resources and time won't let me.

But, I know I will never have the time to update them, so I ask my friend Lainy to help me contact Designer's Chic. She is indeed an expert as after few questions of how I would like my blog to look like, she came up with this new design in less than a day. WOW!!!!

I just want my blog to have life and class at the same time.Hahahhaha!!!! This will indeed help me and my works get known and of course, get me some opps!!!!

Thanks Ivy! You made my blogging exciting! So, to those who have a lousy-dull template like what I had before, do check Designer's Chic. She will help you all the way with getting your individuality real through your blog design.