Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nice Garden Reception

We found this restaurant, Highland Gardens in the remote place of General Santos City. I dragged my siblings to this plac on top of the hill, just to exactly see why my other friend highly recommended it.

It was early evening that time and we could not see much from the dim surroundings and the travel was long. But, when we arrived to the place, wow, it was captivating and enchanting. The beautiful landscape, lights, sea and mountain breeze all complement and made the experience alleviating.

We had our good photo shoots of course, hahhahahaha, I just didn't have the time to upload them.Funny me!

We barely see the Sarangani Waters but we could see the fine silhouette of the mountains and the flickery lights of the city. The food and crew were great. The travel was all worth it. We promised then that will bring our parents on their anniversary for a romantic treat to this place. I wish my son will have his big day on this place! Hahahahhah!