Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Designing our Accessories on Silvers

We decided to go global and sell our artworks online and abroad. We asked our family to help us market our stuffs.

But of course, to go global means, to improve our quality and aesthetics. We decided to use silvers and make use of classic and elegant designs to boost our handworks. Come this summer, I shall be off from my masteral classes and most likely, I can devote my time on this fine hobby that I love so much.

Getting the silvers will however require us to go back to our old home. Designing accessories is challenging but fulfilling. One work sometimes consumes time because of the required details and individuality. So, I give high salute to all artist who pay much time and worth on getting their styles done.

Seeing my clients appreciate and wear our handworks makes more confident and jubilant!!!! We shall do more, that is forsure, in the coming days!!!!!