Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Picking the Right Clothes for Bigger Kids

My son is quite big for his age. He is just 6 years old but his weight is around 30 kg. My, I only weigh 45 kgs. My family would usually buy him clothes but the usual problem is for these stuffs to fit him well. It would just be a matter of weeks, then these would be hand over to my nephew who is 1/2 of his size but they share the same age.

He loves eating though, we have to be blamed because we give in his demand. He has this nasty habit of telling, "Mommy, I am already hungry. My tummy is aching." Who can actually not give in to that? Hahhahahahahha! But now, we train him not to give in to his cravings. Water and fruits indeed help.

But he is still of bigger size. We have to look for his clothings at the old kid's sections just to check for the right sizes. Having a boy to look for some clothes, at least, is easy, picking the right size is not. Sigh!