Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Right Swimwear for a C-Section Lady

I gave birth to my son through a C-section and to think that I was cut open twice and keloidal indeed poses a problem. Whenever, we are to go out for a swim, wearing the right swimwear is always my toil.

I have a vertical cut on my abdomen, and with this, I couldn't wear low-waist stuffs but I am quite a low-waist-pants user. Sometimes, I would just ignore my scar but it unnoticingly comes out from my pants and tops. My son would sometimes pull my shirt down just to hide it.Sweet boy he is but I just couldn't keep my keloidal scar hidden at all times.

Now that summer is coming, I have to really look for nice boy shorts and lovely tops for swimwear and nice pants and sundresses. Looking good is my top priority. Call it vain but it just makes me feel lovely.Hahahahahha!!!!