Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who Can't Live Without TV?

I love TV. I just could not imagine my life without it. For one, it is my destressor after long hours of work. I could switch between watching movies through my DVD player and TV programs. Then, there are my household companions who are hooked to TV series or even my kid, who is into child TV programs. Whoever invented TV must be a saint now.

When my parents would always reprimand us for going to our neighbors' home just to watch what was played on their screen, my parents then, decided to buy us a good old TV set with its complementary TV cabinet. Funny how TV sets have evolved over the years. Our old TV set was black and white. But it was very well liked. I would even fight with my grandma and cousins just to fix the channel on a kid's program. Then, there were other several TV sets after that but they had become of colored resolutions, bigger and more mobile. You can say the remote control now is on the powerful hands of the elders, including me!!!!

But, picking the right TV is always a challenge. One has to consider its quality, size, and features. But considering all these criteria, cost can not be ignored. So, good thing store nowadays offer wide brand selections on TVs. One can even search it over the Internet to look for the latest brand and models.

I would want to have an LCD TV in my home, where we can watch anything with pictures almost real. Now, that is something to wish for. I only hope prices for this TV would go down. Store hopping to compare prices can indeed help to save your hard-earned money.

Can anyone live without TV? I don't pretty think so. Life indeed becomes a total bore!