Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Store Shirts and Accessories for Blog Contest Giveaways

Our native necklaces

Our stone - bronze bracelets and necklaces!

My friend, Lainy whom I met through blogging will soon have her blog contest. I was only very willing to help her through by giving away our blog shirts for prizes. We are just proud to give her and the winners these lovingly-crafted and designed stuffs from our store.

February EC Top Droppers

Thank you to my February Entrecard Droppers. I only started my 300 drops this February but these great bloggers simply did not miss visiting my blog. Gracias too to my other droppers and visitors!

Dropper # of drops
Watch Me !!! 31
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cheapdanny 30
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The Certified Fashionable Chic 29
Split Rock Ranch 29
Three Fates Design - Beaded Jewelry 29
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NICO* Designs 28

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amy Adams' Chic Necklace

Amy Adams at Oscars

In the recently conducted Oscars Academy Award, I went through the Hollywood pictures and just checked what the big celebrities wore on this big day. One of the pics that indeed caught my eyes was that of Amy Adams wearing this beautiful special stone necklace.

This uniquely crafted necklace highlighted her face and she just looked radiant and fresh!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Practical Tips for Any Enterprise

As a teacher of Management and a practicing entrepreneur, I somehow know the struggles of any establishment. We started our boutique only late last year but with the global economic crisis and with the continuing political and economic unrest in the Philippines, business may be a bad idea.

But, we have to always take advantage of any chance we can earn extra. My family and I see the boutique as our medium. We should however find means to make it known and make it earn.

So, how do other successful establishments do it anyway? From my readings and experience, these would actually help:

1. Learn from the success and failures of establishments. You can benchmark your techniques and company from them and learn to watch out of those pitfalls.

2. Have a business mentor. Nothing beats experience. These experienced entrepreneurs have something valuable to help you. Learn from their strategies and experiences. Don't hesitate to voice out your opinion and get their feedback. Weigh all possible circumstances. The future is risky but getting valuable information from any means can help you be equipped.

3. Keep your clients satisfied and communicate with them. Advertising is quite expensive but you need not drain your resources to invite more customers to see you and your company. Your former clients will indeed help your company be more known. If they are happy with your services, they will take the prompt initiative to recommend you. Communicate them too. Tell them of what is new about your business and it is also wise to know what they need. Keeping abreast of what is needed or in demand will give you the idea what to sell in your store.

4. Widen your network. Make use of practical means to get your store known. You may sponsor or join conferences. Advertise your company through these. An added avenue for exposure is quite needed especially if you are just starting.

5. Be bold and creative. Don't just rely on your specialty. People normally want to see something new. Venture on this. Research more about this so resources you pull in will not go to waste. Customization is a guaranteed strategy too. You may find this as an added service in your store.

6. Get your family's support. Starting a business is a big pressure. It will consume your time and drain your energy but if your family is there to back you up through ups and downs, you will foresure succeed and keep your sanity intact.

7. Keep your finances checked and balanced. It is not a wise move to use your business' resources for personal means. Should you or your family members need to use your store, charge them like you do with your other clients. Keep all records clean. This will help you monitor your cash in's and out's.

8. Never quit. Success of any big business doesn't come overnight. As an entrepreneur, you will have difficulties from other competitors, clients, government and other stakeholders. But these should not discourage you. You make these instead a bouncing medium to pull through the strings and do better.

Read related article here. . .
Do these tips help? Can you add more? Let me know. . .

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hot Fun Condom Fashion

This is one stuff you will surely reconsider!

Don't we want to wear anything that is chic, comfy and appealing? Now, who can actually beat this condom fashion showcased in China.

Your partner would make this stuff quite handy and accessible! ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sister-Partner on Dressmaking School for Business

My sister, Tammy, has previously invited me to join her in her dressmaking short-session schooling but since I also have my masteral schooling during weekends, it is indeed impossible to be with her.

She originally enrolled last December and supposed to start their schooling last January but only few attendants had listed until they finally started today.

She is an Education graduate with all the license of a teacher but she never really had the chance to practice this. Now, that we have our little boutique, she wants to learn dressmaking so she can design her own clothing line. We both love shopping and love beautiful clothes a lot. But, they are quite expensive, so creating them ourselves will surely save us some bucks and earn more for the store.

Is this a sacrifice for the business? I don't think so. We see this as a new avenue to sell our skills and passion.

Getting It Right for New Entrepreneurs

My family has been into the furniture business for more than 20 years. We indeed have our ups and downs from this business. My parents are all hands-on but it is usually my mother that takes the bold steps to take the business further. It also means getting some losses in between the triumphs. And amidst the recession that the Philippine economy is facing, our business is thriving well.

We started too our little boutique store. It is a joint venture with my sisters. We will turn 5 months old this March 2009 and we are still doing our best to make it known and sell more.

But as a young and amateur entrepreneur, I know I still have so many things to prove and accomplish. But it is indeed wiser to benchmark with the success stories of other businesses, small or otherwise.

Rieva Lesonsky, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine who gives some practical guidelines that can help you when beginning your own enterprise:

1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

It usually takes 6 months to a year to get the business really on its peak. Having a steady income will help you through as the business get starting.

2. Find Your Niche.

Advises Lesonsky, “You can’t compete with the big guys, so you have to find where the big guys aren’t and go into your niches.” This only means that concentrate on where your potentials are. Research and social networks can indeed help you find what can be a potential niche to start your business on.

3. Have an Online Presence.

Having a physical store increases your exposure in the locality but having your business online and do all the media to expose it will increase the likelihood for potential customers. Your satisfied clients can also help you spread the news of your services and your business in general and with that,you get wider customer base. This proves true in our little boutique.

4. Refuse to Quit.

Says Lesonsky, “Arm yourself with optimism to get beyond the ‘No’ or the trouble. There’s nothing wrong in failure—just don’t repeat the same mistake!”

Credits to for the compilation

Are You Naughty?

If I have to rank my rate for being naughty, I would say, I am a big 9! Hahahhahaha! I think I had my first crush when I was still on preschool, had seen stuffs that should not be and the rest well, must be better undisclosed. Hahahahah!!!

So, I am what I am when we print on our shirts. I just love to boost this on my blog:

Get These High-end WoW Accounts

My kid had started playing with our computer when he was only three years old. He was quite good with visuals that you would be amazed how he could actually comprehend everything despite that he could not actually read instructions.

We taught him with words but I guess he is not as interested and enthusiastic with them than with images. And since we have an internet café where players of different ages come to play with online and networked games, he too would actually join them. He would just stand by the side of the players, watch their games and the keyboard keys used during the game. Next thing we know it, he is already teaching older kids and even his uncles how to win battles.

Now, he is hooked still with games in his PSP and computer. He and his father would actually take turns in playing and form alliances just to win. What a good daddy-and-baby bonding!

He sure had played the most popular, World of Warcraft. I never really understood the game mechanics and how my kid would play. So, I simply took the initiative to know more about it.

World of Warcraft or WoW is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in the Warcraft universe. It has two expansions, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

It has two factions, the Alliance which is composed of elves, humans, and the good ones, and other faction is the Horde which is composed of the evil characters.

Whenever I check the Internet areas here, I would see players all consumed by the game and they would usually share tips and strategies how they can improve their characters.

Now, I saw this site that you can buy or sell wow character accounts legitimately. They have supplied thousands of satisfied customers with very high – end WoW accounts. You are assured that you are paying to a legitimate company and your account is protected and assured from being reclaimed or disabled.

I know my player-friends and acquaintances would love to hear how to can earn extra from their favorite game or win the battle with these new accounts.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beauty with Dental Braces?

image from

Three years ago, I could not really smile without closing my lips. I was too shy with my teeth with visible spaces in between as I lost few molars way back.

But, this problem was more pressing when I was younger, perhaps too shy to smile at boys. Hahahhaha!

I previously asked some orthodontists the price range of dental braces and OMG, they price enormously. So, I delayed it several times, thinking they were just a luxury I could do without.

But, I am not at all confident with my self and particularly with my teeth. So, I cut a portion of my hard-earned pay, and just went straight to see my orthodontist. I paid more than 4 times of my basic pay.Hahahhahah!!!!

With my upper braces were taken, I was all grinning with my buddies

So, summer 2006, I worn my up-and-down braces. I indeed lost much weight since then as I could not eat and chew properly. This is the other side of braces that I love.Hahahhaha! After few months of pain, my teeth began to close and were showing good signs. I could only smile a lot and brag my teeth and my expensive braces.LOL! In the Philippines, braces are HOT PICKS!!! They are actually worn by some simply for decorative reasons and stature!

I am still wearing my lower brace and a retainer for my upper. I smile a lot but not at all enjoying the food I am indeed missing. I am still in appointments with my ortho. And come this summer, I shall have my adjustments again.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

But, now that I am older, I realized that beauty is not equated with expensive braces or fancy clothing or accessories (though I wear them), it is actually exuded and visibly positive if I feel confident of myself and love who I am in spite of my physical imperfections. I could only be happier and more beautiful than ever. Cheers to self-love and affirmation!

And Necklaces Too

Whenever I am vacant from teaching classes, I craft fashion accessories like the ones worn by our mannequin. I highlighted the stones with the elegance of see-through glittering lace. The buyers can't help but marvel with them (and I am just happier)!

Traversing the Lake on a Mountain Climb

Waiting for my turn to cross. Yikes!

As one of my passion, we choose to do mountain climbing whenever we have the chance. We however missed the last climb because we are all sick with chicken pox. We would pretty scare off the climb guides.Hahahahha!

But one thing I don't forget was the climb to Kiamba's beautiful mountains. We however had to cross this river with quite strong current that I had to hold on to another climber.Hahahahh!

It was a 13-hour climb to the base camp. We only settled with water from the sprouting springs along the trail. I can't wait to the next climb this summer!

Busy With Cellphone Accessories Too

Among the many things we make, this is one of the stuffs we do and sell. These were pretty saleable during our exhibit show! Nothing is better than to highlight your favorite CP!

Skillful Student-Handcrafter

During the three-day exhibit show we had in our school, every college department had to participate in all the contests prepared by the student council.

One of their highlights was to recycle anything to create anything beautiful if not productive. Our student president was quite busy with the shells and some paints. I quite wondered what he would do with these until he showed me this.

Shell Flowers

Last Printing Job Before Sick Leave

Our 28-pc-tshirt prints for local municipality

Our 18-pc-tshirt prints for parents-teacher officers in a local school

One of our couple shirts sold during exhibit show

For straight three weeks, we stayed until wee hours in the morning completing all the required shirt printings for the exhibit show, and two job orders.

My partner was already sick with chicken pox then. But since I was quite confident that I had contracted the virus when I was younger, I helped him out. Well, you know the rest of the story after that. Hahahahahah!

But, we are quite happier that our clients were happy with what we had accomplished despite of the health lapses. Like the old adage says, " Customer's satisfaction first!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


While on house arrest because of my chicken pox and after several months of EC dropping, I had my first 300 drops! Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

But, wait this is only on my fashion blog and finished the droppings after 4 hours.What?!!!!!!

Then, I must start dropping . . . have to go. .. . hahahahh!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion History 101

I went through my diggings of how really fashion evolved. I guess old people were more vain than today. But from their ideas, designs and styles and fashion in general had taken their great leaps.

The Ancient Costume - dresses then were all that simple but the fabric and accessories that they all made of, highlighted these styles!

The Medieval Clothing - This started after the downfall of Western Roman Empire in AD 476. Both sexes and the upper classes both worn tunics as their basic garments. This clothing had lasted for over centuries.

Baroque Costumes - these costumes ran between 1600's and early 1700's. People then use laces, costumes and fancy hairstyles and needleworks.

Victorian Dresses - One can only marvel with the long full-blown Victorian dresses than ran in the 18th century.

Victorian Dresses had indeed flourished more until 19th century.

Well, in the 2oth century, we know now the trends. Are we far different from the past? I think not.

images are taken from

Got my PR + Back

I previously complained that my PR dropped from 2 to 0. I was quite disappointed indeed but like other bloggers say, blogging life goes on even without the rank.

I continued my writing, did my research and blog hoppings. All these paid off since this morning, I got my PR 2 again.Hurray!!!!!!

At least, this can be an inspiration to others too that PR's just come and go but it should not stop us from what we do love, blogging!

Monday, February 16, 2009

You Want Your Salon to be Chic and Popular?

How often do you go to a salon? What are your standards in selecting a salon? Do you oftentimes bring your friends and family to the same salon that you hung to? Well, my answer to all these questions are big YES and QUALITY SERVICES!!!

I normally go to a salon almost every week to get my nails done and I tell you, it is important that I am satisfied by the service otherwise you won't see me coming back to that same salon or to that same attendant.

I normally bring almost the entire family to the same salon that I go to. That is why the salon owner likes me a lot. But, how much am I willing to pay for quality service. I don't really mind the price for as long as I feel and look better after the service.

When I had my hair relaxed for less amount, I could only regret that I chose to pay less when I could see and feel my hair all stiff. Since then, when I choose to do anything with the salon that involves chemicals, I indeed do check the brands. I want that there is indeed value for what I pay. But, I only wish these salons will only choose chemicals that ensure better results.

But, how can you get the best salon anyway that offers top-of-the-line brands and quality services? This is indeed very rare but not impossible. I was able to check salon supplies online that offer wide selection of salon stuffs, from furniture, equipment to hair brushes and dryers and more. When I check their site, I was quite amazed by how much they know about salon and in's and out's for customer delight. Their name indeed promises satisfaction. They only sell to professional cosmetologies and with that, we are assured that we won't be getting substandard services.

They have wide range selection for hair equipment and supplies like professional dryers, perm setters, clippers and trimmers, curling and flat irons and more. Best of all, you may select an equipment with special specifications to get a better result.

They also offer supplies for your basic salon needs like for your manicure and pedicure and spa services.

Who says that is all that they offer? Check this! They offer stable, and quality furniture for your complete salon services from shampoo bowl and carts to styling chairs and stools.

Buying online is indeed easy without really worrying if the products we buy are of quality. With the purchases online, you can buy in a flash without the frills and hassles.

Aside from my boutique business, my sister and I have been wanting to put up a salon since we are all beauty vain. I am sure I am going to have my purchases from this great site.

Why don't you check it out yourself?

Sick Fashionaholic

My kid and I contracted chicken pox so it means we are all contained in our bedroom, free from the hustles of the store, fashion accessories, tshirt printing and teaching, and schooling! Hahahhaahh! I am however happier that we are sick though as it means forced rest to me.hahahhahaha!

After two weeks of late sleeps and overfatigue from printing, blogging, teaching and schooling, and selling, my body finally blown the whistle to stop.hahahhaha! Before we were contained though, we made good sales from our 3-day exhibit. It gave me an idea too to sell in malls for few days without paying the big rent.

I missed blogging last night and my blog hopping as the PC is in my sister's room. I dont want her and the baby to contract the infection too. Good thing, our laptop has arrived and now, aside from reading the long-overdue pocketbooks, I am back to blogging.hahahahha! I guess nothing can stop this passion though.

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Store Exhibit

The 3-Day Sales Lady! Whew!

A pic with my co-teacher

We finally have the chance to expose more our store by taking a booth to show off our stocks. We sold our shirts, books, fashion accessories, perfumes and foot wear.

We had good sales from the little stuffs the students and my fellow co-teachers bought. And since, it would be our last day tomorrow and it's Valentine's Day, we decided to sell our US stocks with 50% off from the original prices. This will somehow help our potential buyers buy good stuffs from us and make these their gifts to themselves or loved ones!

Cheers to life and love! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late - Night - Early - Morning Job

We are working again on 18 pieces of shirt printings. These shall be collected in two days and since, we can only wait for the paint to dry off, I have to do my rounds of blog hops and updates.

Since the start of January, I have been working late on countless stuffs. I have to be however early tomorrow and be very early in school to setup our stuffs for sale.

My sister shall join me though. But we have to at least carry a ton of thing to expose our works and products. We quite wish that we will make good sales from this 3-day school exhibit.

Monday, February 9, 2009

How Page Rank Drop Spoiled My Day

I have been trying my best to keep the content of this blog going so I could at least maintain a higher PR and of course, it means also, getting more opp offers. But, I guess, PR Drop is really inevitable.Sigh! I was quite selective of what opps to take and write on this blog or on my other blog which from the very beginning has been quite stuck to PR 0.

But, as I checked my sponsor sites, I was quite surprised that I couldn't get any offer. So, with my anxiety increasing, I did check my PR. Guess what? From PR 2, now it is PR 0.Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

Is this really to be expected? I read the website of google on how they check PR's. With all the technicalities, I could not really comprehend them.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I wonder what are the secrets to at least maintain PR's. Please help.Huhuhuhu!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Easy Ground Travel

For people like me who like to travel a lot, we constantly search for convenient, fun and safe services. These could be very difficult if we are new to the place but with help and planning, we can easily have all these perfect and smooth travels.

One thing I don't like with travels is being dropped by the cab or airport carrier way too far from the entrance area or having to walk a few meters to the transportation loading area. I normally carry my stuffs, so bringing a ton of them and having to walk further is really difficult and tiresome.

So, I normally plan for my travel, like what I should bring, where should I go, when should I start or end with any task and with whom should I go with. This is easier for me if I travel alone but if I travel with groups, I go crazy and lost with what must be done, particularly with the ground travels.

With LaGuardia Airport Car Service, one worries no more of travel to and fro airports, hotels, businesses, conventions and other areas. This service is one of the pride of Go Airlink NYC. They serve three major airports in New York, JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. They provide you transportation services, may you be in small or bigger groups to any destination in the city. They pride themselves with their excellent and prompt services and vehicles with professional chauffeurs, ensuring that you will arrive to your destination on time, comfortable and safe.

You can avail of their share-ride vans which will transport you to and fro directions of Manhattan, JFK, LaGuardia and Newark to any known hotel, community, or establishment. Further, depending on your group size, the company offers private group services for 10 to 56 seats through their wide variety of motorcoaches. And if you need a guide of any language, this company has it all.

More importantly, you can pre-plan your travel and arrange online with their competent personnel your required services. Their services do not only limit to transportation but they too may arrange group package services like meals, theater tickets, sightseeing, customized directions and drop points and more. You may avail too of big discounts if you book ahead.

You want a worry-free travel? Do try this.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On Top of the World

With my students on one of the Highest Mountains in Zamboanga City

Another passion of mine is mountain climbing. We had this shot on top of Zamboanga City's hill. My students and co-teacher joined me and some friends to this conquest. This was actually my second climb. It took us 2 hours to reach the stiff top but when we reached it and saw the entire city from our end, the exhaustion was all worth it. We could see the panorama of city and the Zamboanga waters.

My students in my former school would still ask me to come back and have new climbs again. I still go climbing here in Gen. Santos City. Though, I still wish I can climb again with old friends.

Sporting My War Game Uniform

My First M4 Airsoft Gun

My Spetz Unit with fellow Air Soft Players

Among the many hobbies I have, I usually play air soft games together with other players in the city. Unlike paintball games, we use pellets in our units. My first airsoft gun was an M4. It was quite heavy for me, so I purchased my second unit, a Spetz. It was chic indeed!

I love this game since it makes me burn my fats in less than 15 minutes on the thick uniform.hahhahaha! Best of all, your adrenalin runs faster that every move counts otherwise you get hit. Now, I don't like being hit because even if the bullet is simply a mere pellet, it really is painful on very high speed shot.

I really miss playing this. But, as soon as we visit Zamboanga City, I shall surely play again and be on my uniform! Hooha!

Know This, Prom History

Since I have been posting about proms and all, I can't help but really do my homework of how people before perceived proms. Today, youngsters see prom as lavish, extravagant and exceptionally special.

But, when I looked at its history way back 1800's. In 1900's, the youngsters only wear their Sunday's best. They didn't really spend new clothing for the event. They treated this as a simple social gathering. It was a gathering among college students but it became more dramatic when it was materialized in high schools.

But, when there was already a freedom among the youth to pick up their wants and after the post-war events, the popularity and elegance of proms had escalated. In 1950's, teenagers then would pick up for elegant and expensive get-ups with complementary cars and all to sport on.

In 1980's, prom (short for promenade) had become more-than-life issue. This was even dramatized by movies that young ones began considering proms as a big day in their lives. This is quite evident by how these young ones would go for glamorous get-ups and work for Prom Queen and Prom King and really connect with True Royalty.

Now, this is a break- or -make event for teenagers. I could see among the young ones that they are indeed more excited of their proms than any event in their schools.Hahahahahaah!

What is Your Prom Dream Dress?

Alyce Designs 2009 Prom Dress

Sherri Hill Prom Dress
BG Haute Dresses

Jovani 2009 Prom Dress

Tony Bowls Collection 2009

I have been looking for styles and trends for 2009 Prom Dresses and sure thing, I had seen a lot of works and collection lines for this special day.

And I would want to see how big designers would conceptualize this big event. Do see a preview of what interests me from prom dreams of these big designers, taken from

Make Your Proms Special

My sister is quite excited of her upcoming prom this late February. We are still scouting for her dress and as her elder siblings, Tammy and I would fish for dress that somehow would fit her and make her really beautiful and feel special on that big day.

And, since I did not actually experience proms before, I wish to give her tips that would somehow help her make this big day precious and memorable. I simply gave her and all prom ladies these advices:

1. Feel important and special. Having this feeling will also radiate and others would feel this too and confirm your worth.

2. Fit the dress so she can be as comfortable and pretty.

3. Wear make up and hair style that complement the dress. A pair of earrings can help highlight the face.

4. Pick a dress that is not at all common but has the taste of elegance. Having it customized or borrowing from the elders can not only help the tight budget but this too can assure you that you won't have any copycat and you will get an approving glance and appreciation instead.

5. Enjoy the night with friends of gals and boys. But, don't fish for compliments. Your moves and your dress will solicit one. Act with poise and elegance. This prom day is quite special and must be treated as such.

6. If you have your partner with you, you can tip him of your dress color so you can really indeed be called a cool pair.

7. Most importantly, bring your cameras with you to capture every moment in this big day.

Have fun ladies and gentlemen!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Comfort During Travel

I love to travel a lot. I am always fascinated by the new place, the people and the experience in general. I travel through any means but I whenever I have to travel on land, I choose a bus where I can sit by the window and marvel on the beautiful scenery that I can see.

But, what I don't like much in traveling by bus is the discomfort that I would feel especially during long travels. Normally, I need to use the comfort room or wash my hands or feel boredom. That is why, it is important to me that I pick the right bus that can offer quality service with ensured safe trip. I evaluate the bus through its seat space, passenger capacity, cleanliness, personnel customer service and best of all, professional drivers. I want that when I travel, I would only experience a safe and relaxing trip.

Good thing that there is charter bus nyc which provides the quality bus charter services for any group of 9 to 57 passengers to any destination in USA. They can bring you and your groups to Philadelphia, PA, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland and any other state that you want. They offer their services to any group of tourists, event planners, corporations, destination managers and more. And with their prompt and excellent services, they are quite proud of their commitment for customer service and satisfaction and leadership for 20 years.

These charter buses are New York based, provide 24 hours of online services, have local dispatch and more importantly, they are environment friendly.

As a teacher in a big school, we sometimes hold big events like educational tours, seminars and trainings. And normally, we travel by bus. These charter buses can bring us to any place we want, may it be amusement parks, museums, hotels, conventions, or even to and fro airports.

And since, I want a full customer service from my trip, they offer a unique luxury that you won't notice the travel time. Their buses are climate controlled, with audio and video capabilities and reclining seats should you want to take a nap while on travel. Best of all, they offer discounts on group transfers and tickets purchased on advance and the crew are friendly and courteous. You are indeed sure that with this company, you will have your travel safe, comfortable and on time!

Love Prints for Valentine's Day

Who is not a blogger in love anyway?

I love to love. It makes everything possible and wonderful. I feel this not only for my kid but for my parents, siblings, family and friends.

Do I have to elaborate on this? I guess not! LOL!
So, what could be other way to express it but to blog and boost that LOVE on a shirt. So, I am just proud to dig these two blog-love shirts from our collection.

Shirt Printing Filled Us Up

The Personalized Prints

Since our client needed the shirts for their local feist next week, she wanted us to deliver the shirts Saturday morning so she can sell them to their municipal visitors.

But, since my artist has acquired chicken pox, we had to wait several days before we can finally start the printing. And with two days prior to the deadline, we started doing the prints.
I had to help him out with the materials, and last night, after the first set of the design, we started doing the multi-colored printing. The air breeze was colder so, it took us a lot of time to wait for the paints to dry off.

Two Dozens of Souvenir Shirts

With two dozens to print, we finally called it a long night, when we decided to stop at 3 am. Good thing, I don't have my masteral class this morning. Consequently, I had to still wake up early and pack the goods for delivery. My parents had to deliver them through a local van for an hour's travel. Thank God, they are finally done on time and delived on time!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Prom Dress

My Wish Prom Dress

Our store has been visited for prom dresses. Even my younger sibling is searching for one. And since, it is the love month, prom events are usually scheduled.

My sister, Tammy will soon right away check for these elegant, stylish but affordable dresses that will surely fit our clients. I took the liberty too to see what could be the chic trends now for proms. I would usually wish that I could have attended my prom when I was in high school. But, since I was pretty shy then, I opted to stay at home. But, if I have to rekindle the past and be in one of the best proms, I would want to wear the dress above. I have grown some belly fats since I gave birth to my son. So, to at least hide it, this dress is quite perfect for me. What do you think?

January Top 10 EC Droppers

Since I became an EC fanatic, I missed to thank my regular visitors. It is only proper that I give due credits to their kindness. These are indeed worth-visiting sites.

Dropper # of drops
Three Fates Design - Beaded Jewelry 30
cheapdanny 30
Shopperista 28
Silver Sachet 27
Insanity Personified 27
Watch Me !!! 26
The Fashion Lovers 26
Bingo Sites Online for Women 25
Split Rock Ranch 24

My New EC Logo, Finally!

My new blog EC logo
Sincy Ivy rehauled my blog, failed to update my old entrecard. Why? I exactly didn't know what to do.hahahhahaha! So, when I asked Ivy to make me an EC widget, she blurted with a laugh. Silly me! She had done this already and waiting only for my picking.
So, to put 1 + 1, I was able to finally update my old EC logo and have this official widget on my Entrecard.
To my fellow droppers, thanks for your constant visit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pending Job Works

To maximize our idle time, we get to design fashion accessories and we made pretty good sales from them.

But, since Valentine's Day is around the corner, we decided to prepare our shirts again as gifts or personal items. We made over a dozen shirts of customized prints last weekend so I can sell them during college days in our school. We scheduled the printing well as we are expecting job orders from 2 of my friends.

Unexpectedly though, my partner-artist has recently acquired chicken pox.Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. We have to isolate him so at least the kids shall remain safe, but this means, asking him to rest too. I have arranged already with our client to reconsider her option, instead, she was kind enough to extend the deadline to 2 days more.

We really pity him a lot as he is isolated, has poor diet and complains of pain and extreme itch. At 34 years old, he is pretty disappointed of his looks now. I wish he can get well soon.