Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beauty with Dental Braces?

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Three years ago, I could not really smile without closing my lips. I was too shy with my teeth with visible spaces in between as I lost few molars way back.

But, this problem was more pressing when I was younger, perhaps too shy to smile at boys. Hahahhaha!

I previously asked some orthodontists the price range of dental braces and OMG, they price enormously. So, I delayed it several times, thinking they were just a luxury I could do without.

But, I am not at all confident with my self and particularly with my teeth. So, I cut a portion of my hard-earned pay, and just went straight to see my orthodontist. I paid more than 4 times of my basic pay.Hahahhahah!!!!

With my upper braces were taken, I was all grinning with my buddies

So, summer 2006, I worn my up-and-down braces. I indeed lost much weight since then as I could not eat and chew properly. This is the other side of braces that I love.Hahahhaha! After few months of pain, my teeth began to close and were showing good signs. I could only smile a lot and brag my teeth and my expensive braces.LOL! In the Philippines, braces are HOT PICKS!!! They are actually worn by some simply for decorative reasons and stature!

I am still wearing my lower brace and a retainer for my upper. I smile a lot but not at all enjoying the food I am indeed missing. I am still in appointments with my ortho. And come this summer, I shall have my adjustments again.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

But, now that I am older, I realized that beauty is not equated with expensive braces or fancy clothing or accessories (though I wear them), it is actually exuded and visibly positive if I feel confident of myself and love who I am in spite of my physical imperfections. I could only be happier and more beautiful than ever. Cheers to self-love and affirmation!