Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion History 101

I went through my diggings of how really fashion evolved. I guess old people were more vain than today. But from their ideas, designs and styles and fashion in general had taken their great leaps.

The Ancient Costume - dresses then were all that simple but the fabric and accessories that they all made of, highlighted these styles!

The Medieval Clothing - This started after the downfall of Western Roman Empire in AD 476. Both sexes and the upper classes both worn tunics as their basic garments. This clothing had lasted for over centuries.

Baroque Costumes - these costumes ran between 1600's and early 1700's. People then use laces, costumes and fancy hairstyles and needleworks.

Victorian Dresses - One can only marvel with the long full-blown Victorian dresses than ran in the 18th century.

Victorian Dresses had indeed flourished more until 19th century.

Well, in the 2oth century, we know now the trends. Are we far different from the past? I think not.

images are taken from www.fashionmission.nl.