Saturday, February 7, 2009

Know This, Prom History

Since I have been posting about proms and all, I can't help but really do my homework of how people before perceived proms. Today, youngsters see prom as lavish, extravagant and exceptionally special.

But, when I looked at its history way back 1800's. In 1900's, the youngsters only wear their Sunday's best. They didn't really spend new clothing for the event. They treated this as a simple social gathering. It was a gathering among college students but it became more dramatic when it was materialized in high schools.

But, when there was already a freedom among the youth to pick up their wants and after the post-war events, the popularity and elegance of proms had escalated. In 1950's, teenagers then would pick up for elegant and expensive get-ups with complementary cars and all to sport on.

In 1980's, prom (short for promenade) had become more-than-life issue. This was even dramatized by movies that young ones began considering proms as a big day in their lives. This is quite evident by how these young ones would go for glamorous get-ups and work for Prom Queen and Prom King and really connect with True Royalty.

Now, this is a break- or -make event for teenagers. I could see among the young ones that they are indeed more excited of their proms than any event in their schools.Hahahahahaah!