Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make Your Proms Special

My sister is quite excited of her upcoming prom this late February. We are still scouting for her dress and as her elder siblings, Tammy and I would fish for dress that somehow would fit her and make her really beautiful and feel special on that big day.

And, since I did not actually experience proms before, I wish to give her tips that would somehow help her make this big day precious and memorable. I simply gave her and all prom ladies these advices:

1. Feel important and special. Having this feeling will also radiate and others would feel this too and confirm your worth.

2. Fit the dress so she can be as comfortable and pretty.

3. Wear make up and hair style that complement the dress. A pair of earrings can help highlight the face.

4. Pick a dress that is not at all common but has the taste of elegance. Having it customized or borrowing from the elders can not only help the tight budget but this too can assure you that you won't have any copycat and you will get an approving glance and appreciation instead.

5. Enjoy the night with friends of gals and boys. But, don't fish for compliments. Your moves and your dress will solicit one. Act with poise and elegance. This prom day is quite special and must be treated as such.

6. If you have your partner with you, you can tip him of your dress color so you can really indeed be called a cool pair.

7. Most importantly, bring your cameras with you to capture every moment in this big day.

Have fun ladies and gentlemen!