Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Prom Dress

My Wish Prom Dress

Our store has been visited for prom dresses. Even my younger sibling is searching for one. And since, it is the love month, prom events are usually scheduled.

My sister, Tammy will soon right away check for these elegant, stylish but affordable dresses that will surely fit our clients. I took the liberty too to see what could be the chic trends now for proms. I would usually wish that I could have attended my prom when I was in high school. But, since I was pretty shy then, I opted to stay at home. But, if I have to rekindle the past and be in one of the best proms, I would want to wear the dress above. I have grown some belly fats since I gave birth to my son. So, to at least hide it, this dress is quite perfect for me. What do you think?