Friday, February 6, 2009

Shirt Printing Filled Us Up

The Personalized Prints

Since our client needed the shirts for their local feist next week, she wanted us to deliver the shirts Saturday morning so she can sell them to their municipal visitors.

But, since my artist has acquired chicken pox, we had to wait several days before we can finally start the printing. And with two days prior to the deadline, we started doing the prints.
I had to help him out with the materials, and last night, after the first set of the design, we started doing the multi-colored printing. The air breeze was colder so, it took us a lot of time to wait for the paints to dry off.

Two Dozens of Souvenir Shirts

With two dozens to print, we finally called it a long night, when we decided to stop at 3 am. Good thing, I don't have my masteral class this morning. Consequently, I had to still wake up early and pack the goods for delivery. My parents had to deliver them through a local van for an hour's travel. Thank God, they are finally done on time and delived on time!