Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick Fashionaholic

My kid and I contracted chicken pox so it means we are all contained in our bedroom, free from the hustles of the store, fashion accessories, tshirt printing and teaching, and schooling! Hahahhaahh! I am however happier that we are sick though as it means forced rest to me.hahahhahaha!

After two weeks of late sleeps and overfatigue from printing, blogging, teaching and schooling, and selling, my body finally blown the whistle to stop.hahahhaha! Before we were contained though, we made good sales from our 3-day exhibit. It gave me an idea too to sell in malls for few days without paying the big rent.

I missed blogging last night and my blog hopping as the PC is in my sister's room. I dont want her and the baby to contract the infection too. Good thing, our laptop has arrived and now, aside from reading the long-overdue pocketbooks, I am back to blogging.hahahahha! I guess nothing can stop this passion though.