Friday, February 20, 2009

Sister-Partner on Dressmaking School for Business

My sister, Tammy, has previously invited me to join her in her dressmaking short-session schooling but since I also have my masteral schooling during weekends, it is indeed impossible to be with her.

She originally enrolled last December and supposed to start their schooling last January but only few attendants had listed until they finally started today.

She is an Education graduate with all the license of a teacher but she never really had the chance to practice this. Now, that we have our little boutique, she wants to learn dressmaking so she can design her own clothing line. We both love shopping and love beautiful clothes a lot. But, they are quite expensive, so creating them ourselves will surely save us some bucks and earn more for the store.

Is this a sacrifice for the business? I don't think so. We see this as a new avenue to sell our skills and passion.