Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sporting My War Game Uniform

My First M4 Airsoft Gun

My Spetz Unit with fellow Air Soft Players

Among the many hobbies I have, I usually play air soft games together with other players in the city. Unlike paintball games, we use pellets in our units. My first airsoft gun was an M4. It was quite heavy for me, so I purchased my second unit, a Spetz. It was chic indeed!

I love this game since it makes me burn my fats in less than 15 minutes on the thick uniform.hahhahaha! Best of all, your adrenalin runs faster that every move counts otherwise you get hit. Now, I don't like being hit because even if the bullet is simply a mere pellet, it really is painful on very high speed shot.

I really miss playing this. But, as soon as we visit Zamboanga City, I shall surely play again and be on my uniform! Hooha!