Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March's Top Entrecard Droppers

Thanks to this month's Entrecard droppers!

Dropper # of drops
Brick For Jade 31
Singapore Draws 31
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The Matthias Chronicles 31
Eating in New Zealand 30
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On The Bricks 29

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Graduation Days Call for Graduation Dress Protocol

As an academician, I attend graduation rites every year. Thi is indeed part of any academic institution to formally award the rights and duties of any graduate from his respective degree.

With my administrator-colleagues, all with master's degree:
Ms. Dolly (right) - Graduate of MA on English, Ms. Piccio-(2rd from the right) - Graduate of Law, Me (2nd from the left)-Graduate of Masters in Public Administration, and Ms. Joy (left) - Graduate of MA Nursing
behind us are the Nursing graduates on peach hood
Different schools may have different styles and trends for academic gowns but the required basic dress protocol for any graduate should be the ones given below. The academic gowns vary also in color since these follow the protocol of the school.

For a bachelor degree:
1. academic gown
2. hood with department and school's color
3. cap (normally of rectangle type)

For a masteral degree:
1. academic gown
2. hood with department and school's color (and normally with 2 stripes on the sleeves)
3. cap (normally a round edge one)

For a doctoral degree:
1. academic gown
2. hood with department and school's color (and normally with 3 stripes on the sleeves)
3. cap (normally a round edge one)

For the meaning and history of these academic gowns, read here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Dormant House

When I moved to General Santos City last April and began on my new work and new business, I decided to put up a separate house just within the family lot.

My sisters and I agreed that we would make it bigger, so they can have a place to stay while they will be on vacation here in Gensan.

The construction went well. We all agreed on how it should look like and even thought of the kind of equipment and fixtures we should install should this house be finished. Of course, I want my computer, TV and DVD players in my new house. I want a spacious area for dining, sleeping and showering. For one, we need quality showers and Grohe faucets since the water supply here is through pump well.

But, with all the expenses I incur for my schooling and business, I decided to put on hold the construction. It has been like that since November. I really wish, things will lighten up this summer.

The Pro's and Con's of Putting Up a Business

My family has long been into business. My mother is just so stubborn and passionate about it that she does not recognize the word, "QUIT." So, in spite of the fluctuating economic status in the Philippines and particularly, in the Philippines, our business fairly thrives through.

Now, that we have our own humble boutique with my sisters as partners, we take my parents' advice on business. We also benchmark our works and products with other entrepreneurs' success stories.

But, what are the benefits and disadvantages of putting up a business. I have cited the following from readings and personal experience.

The Pro's:

1. You manage your own time, money and other resources.
2. You get the freedom to be more creative and innovative and network as far as you can and you can push your competencies to the limit and still learn more.
3. You earn higher and may be within the confines of your home.
4. You can spend more time with your family since you own your time.
5. The business can be a medium for the entire family members to participate in.
6. It can be less exhaustive than working 8 hours a day behind your desk or something.

The Con's:

1. The risks of failure or economic problems are higher.
2. The payback may be longer than expected.
3. Your decisions may or may not break your business apart.
4. You handle people with various personalities.
5. You hurdle through the intricacies of government bureaucracy and their business regulations.
6. Your resources may be depleted with less or unstable financial support.
7. It may be a reason for not spending time with your family.

In spite of all the con's, we still venture on a business. Anyway, nothing is really certain in this unstable economy but with the right knowledge and resources, any business can just thrive well and do well.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Store Gets Rolling in Mall Exhibit

The Stalls in Gaisano Gensan

As written in my previous post, we officially started yesterday in our exhibit in Gaisano Gensan. We stayed the whole time with my sister, Tammy while she is joined by our hired sales lady. We partnered with a family friend in this almost-a-month exhibit.

So, on our first day, we had a pretty good sale from our US shoes, bags and apparel from Liz Claiborne, Bandolino, Franco, Aerosols, Arizona, Victoria Secrets, R2 cut at 50% discounts.

With Tammy and our saleslady

This is a very good exposure to us and the family is just helping us a lot.

Warning: Hair Loss and Stress

Since I started my masteral schooling in IT, teaching 30-40 hours a week, and entrepreneuring, I have been seeing excessive strands of my hair whenever I brush or take a bath. This has truly alarmed me since I also know that baldness may both occur among men and women.

I did check if this hair loss was simply because of my shampoo, hair - brush technique or something. But, the strangest cause was the relationship of stress to hair loss. We lose by an average of 100 strands a day but they are expected to regrow. The problem is when stress causes our hair to remain dormant and stop regrowing. They may fall out 2 - 3 months later and regrow in 6-9 months after.

Other possible cause of hair loss could be hereditary which my other family members are experiencing. My partner has this frontal baldness while his mother has very thin volume of hair around the entire scalp.

Further, hair loss can also be brought up by age. If we are 30's or above, we experience more hair loss especially among men. Other reasons include pregnancy, birth control pills chemotherapy, accident and illness.

However, there are hair loss products that can actually stop and/or prevent hair loss.We should not wait until we are totally bald to take products or use other means.

So, if baldness worries you, I suggest, you take actions. For one, I should reduce my stress.

Blog Anniversary Contest To Go

My sister, Tammy and I first started blogging, April last year and what had been a typical journal of daily rants, is now a passion to us.

We have met a lot of good and great people coupled with earnings as added perks. Hearing news from blogger-friends, may it be ordinary or extra-special makes us connect as if we too belong to their family or close buddies. So, my sis and I decided to celebrate life and blogging and all the wonders of this medium.

We then invite sponsors for this contest to be officially open on April 16, 2009 and will run until April 30. You can sponsor anything: ad space, EC credits, cash, layouts, goodies and anything as a freebie.

This contest shall be easy and open to all bloggers or writers or by-passers or even among sponsors. Should you be interested to join us and help us out, we shall welcome and be always grateful for your kindness and generosity. Just give us a comment on this post.

To all my friends, readers and visitors, this contest is for you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Store on Mall Exhibit

The family is quite busy now as I type since we are given until April 16, 2009 to exhibit our store's products inside Gaisano Mall Gensan.

We are busy recording the items, pricing and stuffing them into bags and boxes. The entire family is helping out. We shall be however busy in the coming days, manning our mall stall and at the same time, staying in our old store.

We wish to gain more sales from this exhibit and exposure. Wish us luck!

Filipino Beliefs and More

Filipinos are liberated although conventional and conservative in many ways. The majority is Christian and religious-oriented. We seem to have celebrated all the canonized saints and name our respective "barangay" or social unit to them. I don't complain at all since I am a Catholic by heart.

One of the strangest beliefs that I grew up believing is that butterflies and moths are reincarnated souls of our beloved. Whenever they get inside the house, we seem to associate them to any dead relative or beloved who simply pay us a visit.

However, as a grown-up woman, I don't believe this anymore. I normally leave them alone but if they stay in our rooms or areas where food are placed, I drive them away. They are known to shorten food life. Thus, I may be needing pantry moth traps that will sure eliminate them in the safest way.

I know my dead beloved are in the sanctuary of our Father. I don't need moths to know that they are there to watch over us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marriage Proposal at 20 Feet High

During our Zipline Adventure in Davao City, we were joined by other Davao City bloggers. We were around 30 on the platform of Outland Adventure for the 300-foot-high zipline.

We were first in the batch to go down but we were pretty dumbfounded when we hit the zipline stop when Jay brought out a tarpaulin for Aileen of Google Philippines, asking her for marriage. We happen to know them way back Mindanao Bloggers Summit last October 2008.

We were just all excited for them, so we joined him and his friends in anxiety since in the next three zipline - takers, Aileen would soon follow.

This was the most romantic wedding proposal I personally witnessed and I was just pretty overwhelmed.

Jay, the Groom-to-be, anxious and excited, hmnnn?! who won't be anyway?!

Aileen of Google Philippines, reading the tarpaulin while suspended. A one-minute silence hit the area, simply anxious of her answer, of course, it was a "YES!"

The happy couple!

To Aileen and Jay, our best wishes!

Have Fun But Be Healthy

As part of Filipino culture, eating and merry-making are very common to us. We celebrate almost anything with friends and families from birthdays, graduation, feasts to funerals, weddings and baptisms.

You will normally see the dining table full of various viands. The people in the little counties will surely serve their "tuba" or coconut wine as their form of liquor. We previously tasted this as wine of the month since we go for social drinking. It is sweet and savory and the alcohol-effect takes longer than the commercial liquors.

The wine is quite distinguished from liquors since these are naturally made without the chemicals or other liquor ingredients. Study also show that they help your heart and reduce risks of brain disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

We can always have fun but it should not give us an excuse to exploit our health.

Airsoft Basic Gears

On my airsoft-wargame uniform and M14 unit

During our Sundays' airsoft games, we would bring our four-wheel transpo to load our stuffs. This vehicle is usually loaded of the gears and uniforms we need before the game.

So, below is our check list before going to our exciting though painful airsoft war game.

1. core uniform on top of interior clothes
2. war boots (you may step on nails or rocks or something, if you choose to wear ordinary footwear only)
3. full fask mask with eye protection
4. vest
5. elbow and knee pads

On my first war game, I remembered hitting 5 senior-veteran players.Hahhahaha! I was the last soldier alive on the line until I was head - and-leg shot. Goodness! I could still vividly remember how my heart beat drummed a lot and how I profusely sweat that time.

The following day after the game, I could barely walk because of the extreme physical stamina consumed during that game. Since then, I joined the boys in their Sunday's fun.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Airsoft War Game Scenario 2: Jungle War Game

I had the chance to play a jungle-type war game with the Zamboanga AirSoft team. Unlike a CQB where you know the game site by ocular inspection, a jungle game is quite difficult since your opponent may hide and blend with the place and the area may be wider than a typical CQB game.

The objective of jungle wargame is to eliminate more opponent faster within the time frame given. I was caught shouting when surprisingly, my opponent just appeared behind some banana trees. Hahahhahah!

I really miss this a lot!

My ZAS Team with some guests in a jungle war game in Zamboanga City

A Sniper in Disguise with His Spotter

Big Money Wasters and Money Savers

Amidst economic crisis, one can't help but find means to earn extra or save extra from what we receive as pay check.

I was an impulsive buyer before especially on bags and shoes. I could mention more than 15 pairs of footwear and more also for bags.

But having to work and at the same time, send myself to masteral schooling in a private university, I want every peso earned well spent.

So, let me share these tips to you:

1. Reduce your electricity bills by keeping all your laundry and ironing by batch and turning off unwanted use of appliances.

2. Refrain from eating in malls or resto. You can save much by bringing your own food or your groupmates may share for the meals and cooking schedules.

3. Walk instead of riding. This is also good not just to your pocket but also to your health. You may share a ride too with your groupmates having the same job-home routes like yours.

4. Use Internet sites for your communications like email or instant messaging or internet phones.

5. Download free songs/movies/applications instead of buying them.

6. Learn a new skill like sewing, cooking, baking, handcrafting and others. Not only that you get to prepare and style for your unique needs, you may also use this as an avenue to earn extra by selling your products or services to friends, family or acquaintances.

7. If you have your backyard, even just a small area, you may grow your own vegies. You can save from this and at the same time, be assured that they are pesticides-free.

8. Do away with paying extra for insurance.

9. Skip the gym and its registration. You can buy an educational CD and try this at home instead with your friends.

10. Keep your credit card away from your impulsive - buying behavior. Leave this at home if needed unless you have a pre-scheduled purchase to make.

11. Should you need to use your credit card, pay right away what you purchased or pay bigger than the minimum amount. This will reduce the outstanding balance, and thereby, reduce interest.

12. Buy a cellphone load that will run over a month or so instead of buying the retail rate like Php 50.00 or 100.00 which only lasts for a week due to expiration. Use the landline phone of the office or home instead of using your cellphone to communicate.

13. Keep your clothes look new over the years by drying them away from direct sunlight, most particularly, the colored ones. Through this, you don't have to buy new ones regularly.

14. Wait and buy on sale schedule. But, beware, you might be tempted to buy more than what you should making the original intention of saving vain.

15. Recycle whatever and whenever you can.

16. Keep a 10%-20% of your salary as savings. Do this before you use your pay on bills and other expenses. You will never know when these savings go handy.

17. To save on vehicle gasoline, prepare your itinerary a day ahead, this will save you from unwanted trips.

Lastly, saving is good but totally depriving yourself is not at all fun. So, you can have a day or two to treat yourself but not to the extent of draining your savings.

Should you have an added tip or two, let me and the others know.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Secured Future

At this time of global recession, we seem to prioritize first our basic needs but we can't help but anxious too with what the future may bring to us.

Normally, I want to save something so that I don't have to worry later. Somehow, buying stuffs now for later use can come handy.

My family members have invested on educational insurance plan for my kid. We had paid it full however, this has become quite bleak because of the pre-need insurance scandal here in the Philippines. My previous educational insurance with CAP was fully used although there were lapses, but lately, it filed bankruptcy. Now, we have these Legacy Company and Pacific Plans where my kid's insurance belongs are hitting the headlines with their devastating news. They can't blame why parents are quite hostile on this.

We buy insurance because we want to secure our future. So, we get free insurance quotes on our cars, burial, health, education, house, accidents. With the economic crisis we have nowadays, we have be very selective and wiser in choosing insurance.

Airsoft War Game Scenario 1: Close Quarter Battle

Waiting for Go Signal to Start
My Zamboanga Airsoft Team at Zamboanga City's Airsoft Competion

In my previous post, I mentioned that we recently joined an airsoft game of Airsoft Games- Gensan in one of the wide areas in Apopong, Gensan.

They played a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) where the objective is to kill the opponent's house by raising the group's flag.

My Team coveted the grand prize from this competition

A Close Quarter Battle in action

I tried playing CQB but never with the kill-house agendum. What is so painful about this kill-house technique is that you get to shot at close range your opponent. Normally, a shot must be fired beyond 5 feet since the pellet may pass through deep your skin. But, in a kill -house scenario, where the area is contained by rooms and alleys, your first instant reflex is to shot right away whoever appears on the way without considering your distance.

Try this video of Delta vs Charlie Military Simulation Training Using Airsoft Guns at CQ Battle.

Playing Big Boys Wargame

My wargame buddy with my gun alternate, M4A1.

We were asked by one of Soccsksargen bloggers, Lenard to join him in his Airsoft war game today.

We pretty missed this game since, we normally play this in Zamboanga City every Sunday. I have my AK Spetz gun since it was lighter to carry. We left them at our old home because of the persisting law against toy guns.

Gearing up for the game

Only my kid's dad played the game since he had to only borrow the unit from Lenard. He sure had fun playing while my kid and I just enjoyed watching movie from our laptop.

We were advised to forward our units from Zamboanga City to GenSan City that we may play wih them with our very own units.

I heard there were a lot of lady shooters in the game. I will surely let myself be counted in. Hahahhahah!

Most Basic Mountaineering Stuffs

In my previous post, I ranted about the upcoming climb to Lake Maughan, Tiboli. Myorthodoc shall act as one of our guides and we were assured of fun and excitement.

My co-bloggers were pessimistic of the climb but I was one of those who were excited to conquer this new place. I asked DocBone to orient the newbies of mountaineering which he promised to do before the actual climb.

But, since I had my prior experiences of climb, I was somehow expecting what to be brought and what should be left at home instead.

For a newbie, below are the basic mountaineer gears and stuffs I believe you should have:

1. easy to dry-comfy-light gear of pants and shirt/caps
-quite practical for smooth or light walks

2. mountaineer boots
- climbing on wrong shoes will be indeed bad for your feet and legs . I had full of foot blisters from using my running shoes on a 13-hour climb, tsk! tsk! tsk!

3. enough food for the entire climb days
- refrain from bringing too man cans of goods since you have to bring these down too.

4. tent for evening camps
- you don't want to be sucked dry by mosquitos or contract other illness from your climb.

5. enough water supply although you have to check site's sources for recharging.

6. first - aid kits
- bring anything you may find useful or handy. Don't forget to bring tissue too just in case you need to poof somewhere else. Hahahhah!

7. flashlights, tools and knives for cooking and others
- You may need these for cooking, eating or constructing your tent and others

8. Navigation tool
- if you don't have a climb guide or simply have it for your peace.

- you don't want to miss the scenery and your presence in it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Favorite Pasttime

One of the things my beloved kid loves to do is gadget playing. He first started playing computer educational games when he was only three years old.

He is quite visual indeed that you can see him play games for oldies and seems to understand the rules without actually reading them.

Then, we had his dad purchased us a Playstation 2. You could see them playing together with all the fun games they both enjoyed. We have our Xbox and PSP now. These are gadgets they recently play a lot. Goodness, my kid who is only six years old can play WarCraft in our PC.

However, I heard his dad talking about buying PS3 for a more flexible game experience. I just could not contain the excitement of my kid.

Fun Climb Scheduled for Lake Maughan

As part of our blogging activities as Soccsksargen Bloggers, we decided to have our luxury climb to Lake Maughan, Tiboli.

One of the community's proud member and certified mountaineer is Doc Bone and an active member of Talakudong Mountaineers from Tacurong.

I had my last climb to Kiamba mountains last Summer 2008. It was a struggling but enjoying 13-hour climb to the base camp.

I am only pretty excited to this next climb to a very popular lake known for its tribe, trail and scenery. I shall bring my kid with me. The climb trail can be completed in 3-4 hours. So, it shall be a new experience again and very timely for holy week.

This is indeed a passion I want to share with my kid, loving life and earth.

New Blog Layout for Me

Since I decided to help more my students, I decided to place notes and research on my blog and let them use it as an added resource.

I should change its blog layout this summer when things would be lighter from work and from schooling, but sister, Tammy, was kind enough to ask her blogger-friend-blog designer, Rose, to give Teacher Techie Says blog, a wonderful makeover for free. She is indeed an angel in disguise.

This is now how my other blog looks like. Is it wonderful? Thanks a lot Rose!

My PR is Dead . . . Again

This is one of the gruesome experience of blogging, getting a PR drop. This blog has been PR 2 for a couple of months and I had done my fair share of keeping it that way. Perhaps, I had done more or less to make it drop. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

But, I know that PR's come and go. So, I just have to continue blogging and hopping and meeting great people.


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Give Me Some Love

I am dead romantic and love music and poetry a lot. It is always the message that makes me wonder of its meaning and relates them with my personal experience. Whenever I can, I want to listen to music and hear out my favourite songs. I always fall for the music of Beyonce, Celine Dion, Shaina Twain and Leanne Rimes and other local artists. They seem to sing of love for life and people most of the time.

I had my early gadgets of music player before but they were obsolete now that I chose not to use them anymore. Then, I had my first MP3 but it could only hold 22 songs. Lately, my family gave me an iPod, but it got defective too. Sigh. I know I have to get myself a digital player again, like MP3 players but can hold more than 1000 songs.

Can anyone give me some love on this?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Most Expensive Watches

In my related post of vanities on watches, I got all curious with other luxurious brands and how they are priced. OMG! They are all overwhelming.

Do check then their prices. Now, I call this luxurious and expensive vanity!

Some of the most expensive watches (source: a 2004 listing by Forbes)

Chopard Super Ice Cube – Price: 1,130, 620. It has 66 carats of diamonds with 1897 brilliants!

  1. Blancpain – Price approx 1 million $
  2. Minute Repeater from Vacheron Constantin (Swiss) – Price approx 340,000 $
  3. Minute Repeater with Tourbillon, Audemars Piguet (Swiss) – Price approx 297,500 $
  4. Hommage from Roger Dubuis (Swiss) - $ 291,700
  5. Magistral Tourbillon from Girard-Perregaux (Swiss) - $ 280,000
  6. 5437PT from Breguet (Swiss) – 275,000 $
  7. 10 Day Tourbillon from Patek Philippe - $ 240,000
  8. Parmigiani Bugatti Type 370 – Parmigiani Fleurier (Swiss) – 200,000 USD
  9. Grande Complication – IWC (Swiss) 180,000 – 280,000 US$
  • Omega
  • TAG Heuer
  • Nixon
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Invicta
  • Invicta
  • Bulova
  • Timex
  • Benrus
  • Fossil
  • Seiko
  • Citizen
  • Zenith
  • Vulcain
  • Ventura
  • Olivier Bernheim (Raymond Weils)

Recreation #1: Mountain Biking

Among the many things I missed, I badly miss my mountain bike. I left it in our previous home in Zamboanga City and since we had a lot of things more valuable to pack, I decided to leave it with other stuffs.

Normally, a good and quality mountain bike starts at $200 here in the Philippines. When my partner bought his black mountain bike, I convinced him to buy me bike too.Hahhahah! He got me a red big with all the necessary upgrades.

But, since my last bike attempt was 20 years ago, I told him, I could not possibly run it. My kid was even more skilled on biking than me. But, whenever we had the time, we go biking together as our recreation and exercise.

I caught waggling and tumbling with that stuff but it made me enjoy the place where I usually wandered around. And since, I lacked exercise, I usually walked my bike uphill with tongue out.Hahhaahha!

Now, I really want it badly, so I can roam around General Santos City.

Vanity# 1: Watches

My babies

How vain am I? I want to be modest, so in the scale of 1-10 with 1 as the least vain and 10 as the most vain, I rate myself as a 7. Hahahahha!

As a starter, one of my vanities is wrist watch. At this time, I have 8 watches from the brands of Acqua, Timex, Sprinto, Cartier, George, Anne Klein II, Fossil, Benetton of Bulova. I really don't mind the price provided that I like it and and within my means. Some of these were given to me by family members. So, I just couldn't be happier. Hahhahaha!

This is vanity? It is sure is to me !

Ukay-Ukay Gets More Popular

With the depressing economic condition of the Philippines, high or low - earning families check ways how to make ends meet.

And, since school graduations are approaching, we could not help but be more practical too. My family members are hooked to ukay-ukay, a Filipino word for "dig" for used clothes or bags or shoes. I normally bought pajamas and sleeveless shirts for my kid and shorts for myself. Now, this could be disgusting to others but there is really nothing wrong with being practical these hardened days. Sometimes, if you are that diligent to dig, you can get top-brands stuffs at very very very cheap prices. Sometimes, you can even get as low as Php 1.00 shirt.

Ukay - ukay stalls in San Pedro Street, Davao City
photo credit: www.wowdavao.com

We simply boil these ukay-ukay goods and soak them with soap and iron them. So, we don't worry contracting illness or something else.

In Gensan City, we have a small section in the city center for ukay-ukay stalls. You would normally see this place flocked with people from all ages and economic stature.

Do you do ukay-ukay too?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bleak Business, Stalled House Construction

Since we decided to move back to my parents' home, my siblings and I made up our mind that we are going to build a separate house within the family compound.

What was supposed to be small residential home became larger than what we originally required. Now, with the tight business and schooling, I put the construction on hold first. The floor and walls were built already but the roof and the divisions will have to be made. Our family fence is made up of concrete with steel gate. Now, I wonder how much would PVC fence be? I really have to work harder in this time of crisis. I decided to stop from my masteral schooling first, so at least, I can prioritize more what are essential needs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Dog in Fashion Show

Our German Shepherd, Gia took part in Zambaonga City's Dog Fashion Show. It was actually her second try, when we missed the first one since, we were here in General Santos City.

My kid was only happier to see all the dogs of different sizes, all geared with costumes and accessories. We only dressed up our Gia, with a war vest since we were all playing war games before the show.

Our soldier Gia

My kid blocked the judges' view all the time just to watch up close and personal the gorgeous dogs.

Pocahontas reincarnate?

We Ate, Walked and Were Hung in Davao City

Our Zipline Gears, with Tammy and the rest of the bloggers. We don't want to fall from 300 feet top, right? What?!!!!

The first hurdle, the 45 degree climb. Whew!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The only word I uttered from the start to stop!

This is heaven!

We had so much fun in Davao City, as part of their Foundation Day celebration. We traveled for 3 hours from Gensan City to this beautiful place and met some Davao City bloggers.

The entire food appreciation tour (fat), coupled with this zipline and climb stuffs and beautiful scenery made the trip all worth it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Worst Mistake During Job Interviews

In two (2) hours, I shall meet the provincial director of DTI-Alabel, a governement agency here in our locality. I applied for a job, and went through their rigid written examination and panel interview. Now, I am on my last step, a final interview with their provincial director.

I am always confident with my skills but I could not also help but be anxious. I know, skills are not the only criteria for a job. For one, I have to worry on my interview attire. I just have to settle on long sleeves and slacks of pale brown and black with high heels and sleek bag to complement these with simple jewelry.

Don't you know that that nearly 90% reason why an applicant does not get the job is because of his or her inappropriate attire? This was accounted by most hiring managers. There are other ways how you can blow off your interview, but you don't want that to happen, right?

Thus, similar to the post I had written about job interview attires, applicants must at least, wear conventional suits to be safe.

Gosh! I am really freaking out.Hahahhahah! Wish me luck!

Panoramic View of Pond Resto

This is situated at the middle of the grand pond of Del Rio Splash Resort, Marbel.

How romantic can you be? I am always fascinated by nature, but most importantly, I love the sky, sun, and captivating scenery of mountains and waters.

In the last educational tour of my kid, I could not help but take a picture of this resort where we had our day's swim.

My kid even have to ask me if we can go back to this place when his dad is fully recovered from illness. Quite sweet for a little kid!

Online Shopping For Me

I really want to have an Ipod since the last one my family purchased online was all defective. We were all pissed off since we spent hard-earned money on that one. So, we are quite careful in checking Sale online. We check if testimonies about the site are credible enough. Any opinion, honest or not, can be simply written on any website. Then, next thing you know it, you are already scammed.

But, I always believe on the power of mouth advertisement especially if the company is supported by clients and reliable men. But, I always love to watch cute and funny ads. How do you evaluate online shopping websites anyway?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beaten Philippine Fashion Industry

With the continuing global recession, industries in all areas are equally affected. In the Philippines, losing insurance companies are hitting the headlines. But, this is typically brought by poor management of these pre-need companies.

But, what is equally depressing is that more and more companies are losing their stable grounds to bankruptcy. The commerce industry alone is seeking loans, tax cuts, and salary-increase freeze among others to adjust with the economy's recession. The exporters are severely affected too by the global crisis especially, the present economic condition of US.

I just hope the government can sustain a fair, hopeful playing field for all enterprises. People will first and foremost, meet their basic needs before other things. Thus, the fashion industry among critical commercial areas is heavily affected. Our store is badly negated with the present crisis. This however compels us to consider an alternative business option that meets the basic-commodity requirement of the local people.

Read related article.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Are Proud Sponsors

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Her friends are quite a number. This lady is simply a great person that there are a number of people who incredibly adore her!

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Lainy’s Musings

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Appropriate Attire for Job Interviews

I was recently invited to a Career Guidance Talk as a resource speaker on college study tips. But what could be more interesting tips to give than the ones I have had personally tried. So in my teacher's blog, I have written some tips to help my students and others improve their grades, and have fun in college while doing this. Further, I have written a post on writing resumes.

When we apply for the job, it is our main objective to be considered for an interview. Although, it is what we say during the interview that matters, but we want to give an impression that we are dead serious with the job we are applying for. So, we dress well. But, dressing up for the interview means wearing the appropriate attire.

When I applied for this recent school where I am in now. I only worn jeans with semi-formal tops. I was all confident with my resume and former employment records that I did not really consider my attire then. I thought my looks were all ok.

Well, unfortunately, I was advised to have a reschedule of the teaching demonstration and to be on formal attire. Call it a big embarrassment! I got the job, but with a note that I have to wear the conservative attire worn in schools. This is understandable though but I am also a fashionista, so I break the rules once in awhile! LOL!

Photo Credit: Jenna C. Spinelle

As a general rule, WEAR NEAT AND CONSERVATIVE ATTIRE. The interview's focus is not on your fashion style but on your qualifications. So, don't distract your interviewers with your body accessories, short mini-skirts or tight pants or loud colors or disturbing perfume.

I like to share these other tips for appropriate attires adopted from Alison Doyle, an employment interviewer:

Women's Interview Attire

  • Solid color, conservative suit
  • Coordinated blouse
  • Moderate shoes
  • Limited jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • Tan or light hosiery
  • Sparse make-up & perfume
  • Manicured nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase

Men's Interview Attire

  • Solid color, conservative suit
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Conservative tie
  • Dark socks, professional shoes
  • Very limited jewelry
  • Neat, professional hairstyle
  • Go easy on the aftershave
  • Neatly trimmed nails
  • Portfolio or briefcase
More Interview Attire Tips.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bleak Business

As a boutique entrepreneur, I find ways how to market my stuffs. But, with the hardened - life in the Philippines, businesses of all sizes are taking a harder blow too.

This is quite understandable since people will have to prioritize their basic needs. But, establishments should seek ways how this dilemma be addressed.

I just know that I have to go back to keep the energy and drive of our store. This was somehow depleted when we were down with chicken pox.

Now, that I am back from 2-week sick leave, I am again a teacher, entrepreneur, student and blogger. For now, I have to finish first my masteral projects, after which, I shall be devoted again to my handcrafting and shirt printing!

Stale days of business should not discourage us or any newbie or senior business but must motivate us to innovate and make out well from this global financial crisis.

Filipinos were known anyway for persistence and resourcefulness. I just have to live with these values.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Business Process in the Philippines

We only started our humble boutique late last year. It may be unwise to start the business amidst financial crisis but we find this moment an opportunity to earn extra too. But as business newbies, we are not aware of the entire business process procedures. What is sure is that, we have to get our local license to operate.

I took the initiative to find out how a business can be started in the Philippines. So, who could be more credible than Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)?

I downloaded their business handbook just to help me plan, manage and sustain our humble business. But, to summarize them all, I highlight these major points:

1. Identify your strengths, resources, constraints in starting the business.
Reflect if you are willing to face the risks of putting a business and know your environment intimately.

2. Determine your products, services or business types.
Find out where you can venture. Are you starting a business from your passion for baking or knitting or wedding planning? We love to go shopping, so we conceived this boutique.

3. Write a business plan.
Know your marketing, technical, organizational and financial requirements and strategies. These will prepare your company to be more sustainable and stable. You may need this too if you like to request for bank loans or cooperative supports.

4. Raise your capital.
We don't want to exhaust the family savings on this business. You may ask for credit loans at lower interest. Normally, it takes 6 months to 1 year before your business can stand on its own. So, to keep it afloat, a seed money is a must to pay for bills and salaries.

5. Pick the right location.
Your top most goal is for your business to be known and be visited. Having your business in the most accessible area increases your chance for consumer visits and possible sales.

6. Register your business.
You have to make your business legal to operate. If your business is a sole-proprietorship, it can be easily registered with the local government units particularly, the BIR, Mayor's Office, DTI and DOLE otherwise you have to work also with SEC for partnership or corporation ownership.

7. Hire/Train Personnel.
Having the right personnel will help you manage the business properly. Of course, this can guarantee also, quality service and customer satisfaction. Giving them due pay and incentives will make them love their job (though this not be the motivation of other personnel) and do better service.

For complete and through business guide, click the links below:
Download the Business Handbook in English Version.
Download the Business Handbook in Tagalog Version.

Hop-On and Off for NYC Sightseeings

As a teacher, I believe that learning from the classroom must be complemented by learning from the environment. So, I normally bring my students to tours, conferences and exhibits. These experiences will enable them to understand more the realities of life and to connect these realities to their lessons. This way, the learning is more understood and appreciated.

I bring my students in separate occasions to various cities. And since I love sightseeing and photography a lot, I normally sit by the window. This is also true to my students. Thus, those who don't have that equal chance, miss a lot of good scenery during the travel. Planning a tour for exhibits or recreations is quite difficult too. I have to coordinate with hotels, restaurants, buses and other destination stops so we can be accommodated promptly and efficiently. But, of course, my topmost concern is for my students to get the value of their tour, their time and resources.

It could be indeed a very fruitful educational tour if only buses are top-deck seating only or with open canopy, this way, everyone gets to see the entire tour view. Should we have the chance for New York Tours, I shall bring my students to an all-around NYC tour where we get to go to uptown, downtown or Harlem and even to Brooklyn, and the beautiful sights of the city during the evening. We can have our stops in the City Museum or New York Historical Society, cruise to Statue of Liberty and view on observation decks of Empire State Building or Top of the Rock! I don't have to be worried with the tour planning since the tour company can assist me with the itinerary at any time.

The city views will be lovely since the buses are only of top-deck seating. We don't have to worry with audio reception during the tour since every seat has a state-of-the-art public system. Weather controls are quite handy too just in case the weather is cold.

More importantly, tickets can be purchased online and with discounts. If we are in bigger groups, then we get much bigger price-offs.

I always teach my students to value customer and quality service. Thus, we won't mind paying for something we are assured of value and delight.