Sunday, March 22, 2009

Airsoft War Game Scenario 1: Close Quarter Battle

Waiting for Go Signal to Start
My Zamboanga Airsoft Team at Zamboanga City's Airsoft Competion

In my previous post, I mentioned that we recently joined an airsoft game of Airsoft Games- Gensan in one of the wide areas in Apopong, Gensan.

They played a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) where the objective is to kill the opponent's house by raising the group's flag.

My Team coveted the grand prize from this competition

A Close Quarter Battle in action

I tried playing CQB but never with the kill-house agendum. What is so painful about this kill-house technique is that you get to shot at close range your opponent. Normally, a shot must be fired beyond 5 feet since the pellet may pass through deep your skin. But, in a kill -house scenario, where the area is contained by rooms and alleys, your first instant reflex is to shot right away whoever appears on the way without considering your distance.

Try this video of Delta vs Charlie Military Simulation Training Using Airsoft Guns at CQ Battle.