Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bleak Business

As a boutique entrepreneur, I find ways how to market my stuffs. But, with the hardened - life in the Philippines, businesses of all sizes are taking a harder blow too.

This is quite understandable since people will have to prioritize their basic needs. But, establishments should seek ways how this dilemma be addressed.

I just know that I have to go back to keep the energy and drive of our store. This was somehow depleted when we were down with chicken pox.

Now, that I am back from 2-week sick leave, I am again a teacher, entrepreneur, student and blogger. For now, I have to finish first my masteral projects, after which, I shall be devoted again to my handcrafting and shirt printing!

Stale days of business should not discourage us or any newbie or senior business but must motivate us to innovate and make out well from this global financial crisis.

Filipinos were known anyway for persistence and resourcefulness. I just have to live with these values.