Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Anniversary Contest To Go

My sister, Tammy and I first started blogging, April last year and what had been a typical journal of daily rants, is now a passion to us.

We have met a lot of good and great people coupled with earnings as added perks. Hearing news from blogger-friends, may it be ordinary or extra-special makes us connect as if we too belong to their family or close buddies. So, my sis and I decided to celebrate life and blogging and all the wonders of this medium.

We then invite sponsors for this contest to be officially open on April 16, 2009 and will run until April 30. You can sponsor anything: ad space, EC credits, cash, layouts, goodies and anything as a freebie.

This contest shall be easy and open to all bloggers or writers or by-passers or even among sponsors. Should you be interested to join us and help us out, we shall welcome and be always grateful for your kindness and generosity. Just give us a comment on this post.

To all my friends, readers and visitors, this contest is for you!