Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Filipino Beliefs and More

Filipinos are liberated although conventional and conservative in many ways. The majority is Christian and religious-oriented. We seem to have celebrated all the canonized saints and name our respective "barangay" or social unit to them. I don't complain at all since I am a Catholic by heart.

One of the strangest beliefs that I grew up believing is that butterflies and moths are reincarnated souls of our beloved. Whenever they get inside the house, we seem to associate them to any dead relative or beloved who simply pay us a visit.

However, as a grown-up woman, I don't believe this anymore. I normally leave them alone but if they stay in our rooms or areas where food are placed, I drive them away. They are known to shorten food life. Thus, I may be needing pantry moth traps that will sure eliminate them in the safest way.

I know my dead beloved are in the sanctuary of our Father. I don't need moths to know that they are there to watch over us.