Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hop-On and Off for NYC Sightseeings

As a teacher, I believe that learning from the classroom must be complemented by learning from the environment. So, I normally bring my students to tours, conferences and exhibits. These experiences will enable them to understand more the realities of life and to connect these realities to their lessons. This way, the learning is more understood and appreciated.

I bring my students in separate occasions to various cities. And since I love sightseeing and photography a lot, I normally sit by the window. This is also true to my students. Thus, those who don't have that equal chance, miss a lot of good scenery during the travel. Planning a tour for exhibits or recreations is quite difficult too. I have to coordinate with hotels, restaurants, buses and other destination stops so we can be accommodated promptly and efficiently. But, of course, my topmost concern is for my students to get the value of their tour, their time and resources.

It could be indeed a very fruitful educational tour if only buses are top-deck seating only or with open canopy, this way, everyone gets to see the entire tour view. Should we have the chance for New York Tours, I shall bring my students to an all-around NYC tour where we get to go to uptown, downtown or Harlem and even to Brooklyn, and the beautiful sights of the city during the evening. We can have our stops in the City Museum or New York Historical Society, cruise to Statue of Liberty and view on observation decks of Empire State Building or Top of the Rock! I don't have to be worried with the tour planning since the tour company can assist me with the itinerary at any time.

The city views will be lovely since the buses are only of top-deck seating. We don't have to worry with audio reception during the tour since every seat has a state-of-the-art public system. Weather controls are quite handy too just in case the weather is cold.

More importantly, tickets can be purchased online and with discounts. If we are in bigger groups, then we get much bigger price-offs.

I always teach my students to value customer and quality service. Thus, we won't mind paying for something we are assured of value and delight.