Sunday, March 22, 2009

Most Basic Mountaineering Stuffs

In my previous post, I ranted about the upcoming climb to Lake Maughan, Tiboli. Myorthodoc shall act as one of our guides and we were assured of fun and excitement.

My co-bloggers were pessimistic of the climb but I was one of those who were excited to conquer this new place. I asked DocBone to orient the newbies of mountaineering which he promised to do before the actual climb.

But, since I had my prior experiences of climb, I was somehow expecting what to be brought and what should be left at home instead.

For a newbie, below are the basic mountaineer gears and stuffs I believe you should have:

1. easy to dry-comfy-light gear of pants and shirt/caps
-quite practical for smooth or light walks

2. mountaineer boots
- climbing on wrong shoes will be indeed bad for your feet and legs . I had full of foot blisters from using my running shoes on a 13-hour climb, tsk! tsk! tsk!

3. enough food for the entire climb days
- refrain from bringing too man cans of goods since you have to bring these down too.

4. tent for evening camps
- you don't want to be sucked dry by mosquitos or contract other illness from your climb.

5. enough water supply although you have to check site's sources for recharging.

6. first - aid kits
- bring anything you may find useful or handy. Don't forget to bring tissue too just in case you need to poof somewhere else. Hahahhah!

7. flashlights, tools and knives for cooking and others
- You may need these for cooking, eating or constructing your tent and others

8. Navigation tool
- if you don't have a climb guide or simply have it for your peace.

- you don't want to miss the scenery and your presence in it!