Friday, March 27, 2009

My Dormant House

When I moved to General Santos City last April and began on my new work and new business, I decided to put up a separate house just within the family lot.

My sisters and I agreed that we would make it bigger, so they can have a place to stay while they will be on vacation here in Gensan.

The construction went well. We all agreed on how it should look like and even thought of the kind of equipment and fixtures we should install should this house be finished. Of course, I want my computer, TV and DVD players in my new house. I want a spacious area for dining, sleeping and showering. For one, we need quality showers and Grohe faucets since the water supply here is through pump well.

But, with all the expenses I incur for my schooling and business, I decided to put on hold the construction. It has been like that since November. I really wish, things will lighten up this summer.