Friday, March 20, 2009

Recreation #1: Mountain Biking

Among the many things I missed, I badly miss my mountain bike. I left it in our previous home in Zamboanga City and since we had a lot of things more valuable to pack, I decided to leave it with other stuffs.

Normally, a good and quality mountain bike starts at $200 here in the Philippines. When my partner bought his black mountain bike, I convinced him to buy me bike too.Hahhahah! He got me a red big with all the necessary upgrades.

But, since my last bike attempt was 20 years ago, I told him, I could not possibly run it. My kid was even more skilled on biking than me. But, whenever we had the time, we go biking together as our recreation and exercise.

I caught waggling and tumbling with that stuff but it made me enjoy the place where I usually wandered around. And since, I lacked exercise, I usually walked my bike uphill with tongue out.Hahhaahha!

Now, I really want it badly, so I can roam around General Santos City.