Sunday, March 22, 2009

Secured Future

At this time of global recession, we seem to prioritize first our basic needs but we can't help but anxious too with what the future may bring to us.

Normally, I want to save something so that I don't have to worry later. Somehow, buying stuffs now for later use can come handy.

My family members have invested on educational insurance plan for my kid. We had paid it full however, this has become quite bleak because of the pre-need insurance scandal here in the Philippines. My previous educational insurance with CAP was fully used although there were lapses, but lately, it filed bankruptcy. Now, we have these Legacy Company and Pacific Plans where my kid's insurance belongs are hitting the headlines with their devastating news. They can't blame why parents are quite hostile on this.

We buy insurance because we want to secure our future. So, we get free insurance quotes on our cars, burial, health, education, house, accidents. With the economic crisis we have nowadays, we have be very selective and wiser in choosing insurance.