Friday, March 20, 2009

Ukay-Ukay Gets More Popular

With the depressing economic condition of the Philippines, high or low - earning families check ways how to make ends meet.

And, since school graduations are approaching, we could not help but be more practical too. My family members are hooked to ukay-ukay, a Filipino word for "dig" for used clothes or bags or shoes. I normally bought pajamas and sleeveless shirts for my kid and shorts for myself. Now, this could be disgusting to others but there is really nothing wrong with being practical these hardened days. Sometimes, if you are that diligent to dig, you can get top-brands stuffs at very very very cheap prices. Sometimes, you can even get as low as Php 1.00 shirt.

Ukay - ukay stalls in San Pedro Street, Davao City
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We simply boil these ukay-ukay goods and soak them with soap and iron them. So, we don't worry contracting illness or something else.

In Gensan City, we have a small section in the city center for ukay-ukay stalls. You would normally see this place flocked with people from all ages and economic stature.

Do you do ukay-ukay too?