Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warning: Hair Loss and Stress

Since I started my masteral schooling in IT, teaching 30-40 hours a week, and entrepreneuring, I have been seeing excessive strands of my hair whenever I brush or take a bath. This has truly alarmed me since I also know that baldness may both occur among men and women.

I did check if this hair loss was simply because of my shampoo, hair - brush technique or something. But, the strangest cause was the relationship of stress to hair loss. We lose by an average of 100 strands a day but they are expected to regrow. The problem is when stress causes our hair to remain dormant and stop regrowing. They may fall out 2 - 3 months later and regrow in 6-9 months after.

Other possible cause of hair loss could be hereditary which my other family members are experiencing. My partner has this frontal baldness while his mother has very thin volume of hair around the entire scalp.

Further, hair loss can also be brought up by age. If we are 30's or above, we experience more hair loss especially among men. Other reasons include pregnancy, birth control pills chemotherapy, accident and illness.

However, there are hair loss products that can actually stop and/or prevent hair loss.We should not wait until we are totally bald to take products or use other means.

So, if baldness worries you, I suggest, you take actions. For one, I should reduce my stress.