Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Worst Mistake During Job Interviews

In two (2) hours, I shall meet the provincial director of DTI-Alabel, a governement agency here in our locality. I applied for a job, and went through their rigid written examination and panel interview. Now, I am on my last step, a final interview with their provincial director.

I am always confident with my skills but I could not also help but be anxious. I know, skills are not the only criteria for a job. For one, I have to worry on my interview attire. I just have to settle on long sleeves and slacks of pale brown and black with high heels and sleek bag to complement these with simple jewelry.

Don't you know that that nearly 90% reason why an applicant does not get the job is because of his or her inappropriate attire? This was accounted by most hiring managers. There are other ways how you can blow off your interview, but you don't want that to happen, right?

Thus, similar to the post I had written about job interview attires, applicants must at least, wear conventional suits to be safe.

Gosh! I am really freaking out.Hahahhahah! Wish me luck!