Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slimmer Clothes for Smallest Waistline, Anyone?

I have been wanting to reduce my weight from size 3 to size 1 again ( if 0 is possible, then I would rather have this size). But, having a family who likes to eat a lot and with dormant exercise habit and constant blogging, I simply don't have the time and muscle to nudge my butt and hit the running track again.

I am back to a size 27" waistline again (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!). Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I have to do something about this weight by any safe means like appetite suppression . It seems like my nose is always sniffing for sumptuous food. Goodness! How I can possibly control this?Cathie Jung with 15" waistline
photo source:

But, if I envy smaller waistline, wait till you know 70-year old Cathie Jung who has the living record for smallest waistline of 15 inches. This was made possible by years of regular corset use making her body shapes like an hour glass.

However, deceased Ethel Granger still has the record of the smallest waist of just 13 inches.

Fashion Store Exhibit Soon To End

Our little mall stall

After a long month of mall exhibit, we will finally go back to our old place and back to our usual routine. Funny that we seem to consider our daily stay in Gaisano-Gensan MalL as part of our regular schedules.

We have befriended other stall helpers and my kid has good friends too among the kids there. So, by May 3, we will finally pull out from mall stall and go back to our humble nook.

Season's Wackiest Fashion Runway

Alexander McQueen's

John Galliano's

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's

Artistry is really a unique and fascinating craft. Indeed, it is an expression of thoughts, personality and imagination.

I happen to see these unique creations from and you can't really help but smile. For sure, if I will sport one of these stuffs, I will surely have funny stares.hahahahahah!

I love creative fashion and fun moments. It is even more blissful if I can sport my fave outfit with my kid and have that fun vacation like Orlando vacations . Fun is never for the kids alone. This wacky fashion runway is only a true statement of fun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go For Green Fashion

Fashion Dress from 30 copies of "Financial Times" Newspaper

Baseball Puffball Dress, made from 26 nylon baseball jackets

At this time when Mother Earth is strongly urging us to protect her or else we suffer more, it can only be applauded that people who are pro-Earth are into ways how they can actually be more environmentally - conscious and proactive.

One designer, Gary Harvey, created a fashion line from disposed and considered-wasted sources. Go check his works above and more.

We can always be environmentally conscious and responsible people but indeed we have to start now and keep on protecting Mother Earth not just on Earth Day or social event.

Click here for more eco fashion.

photo sources:

Natural Source of Fashion

A model sporting the Barong Tagalog

The fashion hype that is most notable that I personally like are the ones from Mother Earth. We are quite endowed with beautiful gifts that given the right technique or mechanism, we can actually transform natural beauty to classic and elegant taste.

Take for instance the BARONG TAGALOG of our country, Philippines. This is the national formal attire for men. Adopted from, Barong Tagalogs are weaved from these natural sources:

Piña fabric - is hand-loomed from pineapple leaf fibers. And because Piña weavers in the Philippines are dwindling, its scarcity makes the delicate Piña cloth expensive and is thus used for very formal events.

Jusi fabric - is mechanically woven and was once made from abacca or banana silk. Today, China is the main source of polyester Jusi.

Banana fabric - is another sheer fabric used in formal occasions. Made and hand woven from banana fiber, it usually comes with geometric design details. This fabric hails from the Visayas island of Negros.

Piña-Jusi fabric - is the latest barong fabric that just came out of the market and is gaining much popularity. With the sheerness of pineapple fibers and the strength of the jusi fiber, this "new" fabric blend offers the market the same formality needed on special occasions at a more reasonable price range.

A number of beautiful handcrafts are also exported by the Filipino artists which include jewelry from shells, stones, and beads.

I can say life is more beautiful and colorful by these natural treasures like arrowwood viburnum that we are inspired to create unique and creative crafts from them.

photo source:

Sisters' Fashion

On typical days, we are on shirts and pants only
with my sisters, Ann and Tammy

On wacky days, we are fashion models-wannabe

My other sister, Xeria is simply on loose shirt while
the elders are fashion sport (hahahhaha)

Would you agree that family members share the same taste for practically almost everything?

My family is a typical illustration of this. We love the same food particularly the Chinese ones, like siomai, siopao and pancit, our favorite fruit, durian, our own gadget, TV with our tv stands , Korean movies, our computers and routers and more.

Normally, we are only on tee - shirts and pants and flip flops. But, Tammy and I have this silly habit of wearing our own mood for clothes. If my mood calls for rugged and wacky taste, I sport on my rubber shoes, loose pants and shirt and sling bag. However, if I feel so lady - like, I am usually on my summer dresses, Havaianas slippers, and accessories. Our friends would normally praise us and our taste but we are simply happy sisters on happy mood.

Wedding Dresses You Can Break or Wear

June is soon to come and others would wish that they become June brides.

But, if you wish to outshine on your wedding dress and to make sure that indeed your wedding is unforgettable, you may want to sport very strange wedding dresses like these.

Very alluring wedding dress

toilet paper wedding gown

Condom gown

View other unique, outrageous wedding dresses here.
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Women-Player in Cute Skirts, in Masculine Action

Baseball player in motion
photo source:

I love sports but I was never really good at any of them, so I stick on reading and movie viewing! Hahahahahh!

But, don't you know when World War II caused the shortage and threat of closing down male professional leagues, Philip K. Wrigley, the owner of Chicago Cubs and pioneer softball patron, proposed to have women professional baseball players to boost the morale of the viewers in spite of the war.

But, what seemed to be a very masculine idea of having women players in cute skirts and blouses turned to be very attractive as this first league of baseball women players demonstrated exceptional aptitude in sports.

I say this is indeed girl power. I wish I can purchase New York Yankees tickets to at least see these beautiful women in action.

The Most Beautiful

The Most Beautiful: Christina Applegate
photo source:

The People magazine revealed its "Most Beautiful" list and Christina Applegate topped the 2009 search for 100 Most Beautiful. She successfully had her double mastectomy last year after being diagnosed of breast cancer. Now, she emits confidence and beauty inside and out.

I define beautiful as natural endowment but Christina Applegate was selected because of her character and physical beauty in spite of cancer.

Those who made in the list include:

Halle Berry
Zac Efron
Angelina Jolie
Julianne Hough
Robert Pattinson
Taylor Swift

Click here to see the video.

News source:

Highest Paid Supermodels Glam

Gisele Bundchen

I am always captivated by the looks and beauty of models. They seem to bring life to the clothes they wear. These beautiful women simply come from different sides of the world and their price tags are indeed quite unreachable. identified in 2007 Gisele Bundchen as the top-most paid super model and she still the most expensive model until now. In 2006 alone, her earnings had reached $33 million from her Victoria Secret $5 Million/year contract which had expired and from her campaigns of Apple, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, among others.

Truly, models are great in looks and in beauty. But, it is a recognized fact that their weight must be first and foremost, be maintained. They go through diet program, exercise and other alternatives like weight loss pills and medical programs.

But, weight loss pills are not simply available over the counter. Physician prescriptions are normally asked before any purchase but to order these prescriptions elsewhere in the world at a lower price can be very tempting. I heard that a canadian pharmacy offers this service online to anyone outside Canada.

The weight pills from top brands or even from generic brands are 80% expensive in other pharmacies outside Canada. This is because the Canadian government is more lenient with drug patents. Consequently, generic brands are more abundant in Canada without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, this Canadian pharmacy does not add tax to orders and US dollars are higher in value than Canadian dollars. So, we get more worth for our money.

Any order online is actually verified by Canadian licensed pharmacists and physicians. So, we are pretty sure that only legal drugs are sold from this site. Medicines are truly expensive but if we can find a way to at least have savings from these medicines, it is then more wise to check on this alternative. Orders can be made online at minimal or free shipping fee if your prescriptions reach over $450.00.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hands On Our Fashion Store

Tammy and I, rearranging our newly arrived stocks.

My sister Tammy and I both manage our boutique but the entire family helps out too. We buy our stuffs for personal use from our store and we give out our service and beyond for free. We make sure that we are hands-on our store, buy what we personally like from other places and make sure that indeed our customers will be pleased.

Owning a business is quite different from managing it. It helps us when we benchmark our store from other big fashion establishments and get tips from successful entrepreneurs.

More Boutique Fashion Stocks To Go

My family in Wisconsin traveled again to Chicago to purchase some chic shoes, bags, blouses and accessories. They are preparing one big box again of our stocks for sale to complement the stocks we have from Bangkok, Hongkong and Korea.

It was only this April that some of our USA stocks had arrived but a number of them were already sold out especially the shoes and the blouses.

They will pretty soon visit California and stay in San Diego hotel to purchase more beautiful stuffs for our boutique.

After a month of mall exhibit, our boutique is picking up clients. We hope to have them in our old place once we are done with our exhibit this May 3.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fruit Craft Artistry At Its Best

I am always fascinated by the creativity and skill of artists but I was get more awed when I saw these watermelons and eggs designed with style. These were adopted from a received email. Cool indeed!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Economic State of Fashion Industry

Since the start of global recession, more and more buyers prioritize less the purchases of fashion apparel and other accessories like bags or shoes. In the Philippines alone, our fashion economy has experienced a devastating decrease in sales, more particularly, the export textile industry. More and more textile and clothing companies are closing down because of this global financial crisis. I am pretty sure this economic state on fashion is also true in other countries.

At this time of prime economic crisis, it is only fit that we look for fashion apparel and stocks that within the means of our buying customers. No wonder, selling and buying of used clothes or "ukay-ukay" have become very popular nowadays.

We want to get value for our money that we want to travel at lighter expense that we check on economy hotels promotions so at least, we can even from travel expenses.

Most Expensive Swimsuit

Model: Molly Sims for 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimwear
photo source:

It is summer here in the Philippines. And, I could not think of a more refreshing way to cast off the heat except to plunge into beach waters on my swimwear.

I previously featured the most expensive compact disk at $100,000. But, do check this out. There is even a more expensive luxury fashion and its worth $30 Million for a swimwear. I don't think anyone on her right mind would sport this on a regular basis or use this underwater. LOL!

This bikini has over 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds, including a 51 carat D Flawless Pear Shape, a 30 carat D Flawless Emerald Cut, a pair of 15 carat D Flawless Rounds and a pair of 8 carat D Flawless Pear Shapes all set in platinum. This is designed by Susan Rosen.

Would I wear this? Sure! If this is given to me. LOL!

Long Travel for Our Fashion Stocks

My family in Wisconsin provides us the stocks we need for our store. They normally check for best buys of bags, shirts, pants, dresses and fashion accessories. They have to travel quite farther from Wisconsin and stay in New York City hotel to place our stocks for delivery to Philippines.

However, it takes 45 days at least for our stocks to arrive. So, to replenish the remaining stocks on hand, we purchase stocks from Bangkok and HongKong since people would scout for beautiful stocks but want to pay only for cheaper items.

This global recession is really affecting all families and consequently, all establishments are affected too. It is only wise that we look for affordable but quality products and services.

Fashion Design, Know Where It Began

There are indeed known fashion designers but where and when did it actually start seems so bleak to me. defined Fashion design as the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time. It is believed that the first known fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth in 19th Century when his name as label was sewn on the garments he had designed.

Since then, known names include Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, D and G highlight the fashion industry.

There is now an increasing trends for new fashion designers and the people are simply amazed by their creativity and talent. In spite of recession, buyers still fall for the beautiful works of these designers.


Get Amazed with Luxury Fashion

The Diamond-Studded Compact Disk

When I checked the most expensive bid for a fashion accessory, the CD designed with 10 2-carat diamonds on a platinum case topped my search. It is priced at $100,000. This was designed by a Japanese jeweler Nagahori. This CD dubbed as "Woman, Sweet 10 Diamonds" contains 18 songs of known female singers. This is indeed a glamorous and sparkling taste for music.

One can find now any fashionable accessories like bags, watches, rings and more for online auctions . My sister in-law once purchased a Louis Vitton bag at reasonable rate and good condition. The net is indeed another way to search for beautiful fashion.

More Earrings You Will Love

Part of our store's pride are the earrings we sell fro US. These are the new ones that had recently arrived. Do check these and leave us a comment if you like anything. My sister, Tammy, posted all these pictures too. We personally love these stuffs that we purchased something for ourselves to sport on. LOL!

I have these pictures below too in my previous post.

We Want a Healthy Bigger Fashion Boutique

We only started with our humble boutique and it is simply a small area where we can display our stuffs. It is a small area in the very nook of my parents' furniture store but visible from the busy road.

We constantly change our display window for something we personally love so, the viewers may also appreciate our display. Normally, the common passers drop by our store and get the display right away.

Since we have our mall exhibit for almost a month now, we really want a bigger space in the most accessible and visible area. But, we want a place that will not cause mesothelioma since there are construction materials produced before 1990 like cement tiles, floor tiles, gaskets and joint compounds among others that contain asbestos. This element is known to cause abdomen and lung cancers. We want to earn from our fashion boutique but not at the expense of our health or our clients'.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summer Havaianas Flip Flops Are In and Hot

green printed top

all pink top

printed white top

blue slim - printed (SOLD out just this morning through INTERNET)

From a big number of authentic Havaianas we have, our stocks of these very popular flip flops have become drained. More customers are still looking for these flip flops. We are only sad that we don't have any more stocks to display and sell.

These are really high in demand that supply runs short even in bigger cities like Manila. We just have to wait next month for newer flip flop editions and contact our customers. These are indeed very popular that even fake Havaianas are proliferating. Worst is, these can really deceive some customers.

We are only proud that we indeed sell authentic Havaianas. Our customers constantly check us if we have new stock flip flop arrivals. The blue printed flip flops above were purchased online and was just mailed to her.

Tammy again sported these remaining flip flops. She is indeed a good sport on modeling. Hahhahah!

Exude Sexiness from Big Sizes Clothes

When we started with our fashion boutique, we only had clothes for smaller people since my sister Tammy and I are of smaller built. Consequently, we purchased stuffs that would fit well on us. We failed to buy for bigger body frames. Our customers then would look for bigger clothes but elegant, chic and sexy ones for them to boost.

Few of the bigger clothing sizes

So, Tammy would search for sexy but bigger size of apparel and bigger sizes of shoes. Now, we cater to wide variety of body sizes and we are just happy that we have the items our customers search for.

I have to scout for bigger clothes now since I went from size 1 to size 3 again. However, I really need to exercise, to diet and to take weight loss product for me to fit on my old clothes.

Chic Earrings on Display

Some colorful silver/gold-plated loops

Part of the store's items for display and sale are some of the earrings from US. I have to praise the crafts of US artists for their detailed artistry. I would rather use them than the ones purchased elsewhere because of their unique beauty and quality.

Do check some of the works.

Fashion Designer John Bartlett Awarded

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s 2009 New York Leadership Awards were conferred to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and fashion designer John Bartlett last April 6, 2009 at the Kimmel Center. These awards were given to these two persons because of their distinguished contributions to the gay community.

A number of guests attended the ceremony which was highlighted by Lucy Liu who introduced John Bartlett.

One of the works of John Bartlett was the one below.model on John Bartlett's 2001 RTW fashion
(photo source:

Lucy Liu on a modified Giambattista Valli 2009 Spring style
(photo source:

I am always fascinated by the talent and creativity of gay people. Not only that they are full of life but also full of passion. A number of great artists are known to be gay or lesbians. Some of my friends would go for gay travel to recharge them and enjoy more their life, family, friends and loved ones. Some of them are simply adorable.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Philippine Native Shoes Are Exotic and Hot

sandals and flip flops made in abaca fiber

To complement our US stocks, we also sell native sandals all made from Cebu City. They are beautifully crafted that we are just proud to be Filipinos.

Just check the two above samples we have.

Our Fashion Store Needs a Space

Our humble store's display window

Our little nook

Our store is simply small and just at the nook of my parents' furniture display area. We are still working on our business permits since we are still starting.

But as we get the exposure and the mall exhibit gets longer, we make new contacts and they would usually ask us of our boutique. We really wish to have a commercial real estate for lease or own, so, we can display more the stocks that we have.

With the small space of our boutique, we normally hide the rest of the stocks and sometimes, totally forget all about them.

It is however difficult to locate for cheaper and accessible store's space.

Oh Shoes, Our Lovely Shoes!

Relativity Green - strap slip on sandals

My personal favorite, Liz Claiborne

Another personal favorite, Liz Claiborne black doll shoes

Another and another personal favorite, Laura Ashley wicker shoes

One vanity of mine is to collect a lot of beautiful pairs of shoes. They may include for my jogging, party, office, school and mall!

And so, part of our store's pride are the US shoes that we sell. Check out these collections of ours. Tammy, my sister, was again the model. hahahhahah!

What Make Up Can Do To You

We know that make up can highlight our good facial features or conceal the bad ones. Make up essentials include lipstick, eye shadows and blush. But, it is also a must to include a foundation that also works as a moisturizer and a concealer to hide those blemishes and to act as a healer.

But, we must not forget that all these are foreign objects on our face. Thus, it is important that we wash our face after sporting this make up, most especially, before going to sleep. Simple water and soap may not entirely remove the elements of make up. Consequently, we can address this through deep-pore safe facial cleansers.

Unwanted make up elements may only cause acne, pimple or blackheads. This is evidently true on people who have oily skin. However, these facial problems are now duly corrected or prevented by acne, pimple or blackhead treatment.

Sexy Victoria Secret Undergarments

Very alluring Victoria Secret Lace brassiere

Another Victoria Secret pink lace underwear

The family personally love Victoria Secret undergarments. They are just proven to be comfortable and chic. We are just happier that these undergarments were also included in our balikbayan boxes. So, we are more proud that these too are sold in our store.